How To Create And Use A Sarcophagus On The Rinkby Testnet


Things needed to Start:

⦁ Metamask Wallet

⦁ Download the extension to your browser

⦁ Switch the Metamask wallet network by clicking the Metamask icon where it says “Ethereum Mainnet” and clicking the network drop down to the “Rinkeby Test Network”

⦁ Arweave Wallet & Arweave

⦁ This can be downloaded from

⦁ Arweave tokens either from an exchange or for free from the faucet page

⦁ Rinkeby SARCO Tokens & Rinkeby Ethereum test tokens are needed

⦁ Join the Discord

Navigate to the General section Embalmers

⦁ Request the test tokens and post your wallet address

⦁ The address can be found towards the top of the metamask drop down (add pic of where to copy address)

Testing can now begin

Navigate to and under the “Use” drop down select “Rinkeby Testnet App”

Once you are on the Tomb page, a wallet must be connected to begin.

Click the Connect Web3 Account on the top right.

Click Create Sarcophagus

Now we must enter the following details

⦁ Title

⦁ This will be the name of your sarcophagus and will be on the public blockchain

⦁ Recipient

⦁ Ethereum public key- for the wallet that is the Recipient. This will be used to encrypt the first layer of the sarcophagus. The recipient will need to input the private key of their Ethereum keypair to decrypt and resurrect.

⦁ A link to the Public Key of the wallet is here

⦁ Click “Get Public Key” and copy your public key

*Note: If there are any blank spaces when the key is pasted, the next step to “Upload your file to your sarcophagus” will not be possible.

Now you can upload the file you wish to encrypt

Once the file is uploaded, you will be required to set a resurrection time.

This can either be done by click the radio buttons next to the pre-populated date or you can select your own resurrection time at the bottom.

After the resurrection time is selected, it is time to pick an Archaeologist. An Archaeologist can only be selected if your Bounty and Digging Fees are more than what they are asking for.

Now you are going to click “Approve” and the transaction will need to be confirmed in Metamask for the SARCO tokens.

Once the SARCO approval has been made, you must click “Finish” and provide the gas fees.

Now the Sarcophagus is being mined on the Arweave chain. This may take a little.

Once it is mined “”Signing needed” will appear on the Sarcophagus. You can now click the drop down arrow next to “Signing needed” and sign the transaction.

The sarcophagus will now appear as “Active”


You can now rewrap the sarcophagus at anytime up until resurrection.

Click the drop down arrow next to “Rewrap”.

The parameters can be adjusted, but are limited. The “Bounty” and “Digging Fees” cannot go below the minimum of the selected Archaeologist. You will now also select the new resurrection time.

Once you are done, click “Approve” and confirm the transaction

You will then need to click “Rewrap Sarcophagus” and the Sarcophagus will become active again.

When the resurrection time is reached, the Sarcophagus is in the grace period and can be unwrapped without penalty to the network.

Once the file is unwrapped it will display that it is ready to be unwrapped. Paste the Recipient’s Private Key and click “Resurrect File”

The file is downloaded and able to be accessed.




Sarcophagus is an autonomous, incentivized application built on Ethereum and Arweave. This is the community page to discuss updates and news around the $SARCO community

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