$SARCO Community April 2022 Update

April Recap of What is Happening in the Sarcophagus World

April has marked the start of a lot of development talk on Sarcophagus v2, with the team at Decent DAO having some solid discussions about how to design and build out the next iteration of the dApp. In addition, we have had quite a few more calls this past month with a community call, a Dev Update call, and the second Tech Talk, all with some quality content on what’s going on behind the scenes in Sarcophagus. Also, in the past month, the DAO has approved supersecretevilmegallc.eth to lead a team (that will be selected and approved by the DAO) that will manage the LiquiditySubDAO.

v2 Development

As mentioned, the commentary and discussions in the Sarcophagus GitHub Repo are coming in hot and heavy, with developers from Decent DAO looking to redesign and optimize many of the capabilities of the dApp within v2. As everyone within Sarcophagus would agree, please join in on the discussion; bring up points that you see may be an issue, UI/UX things you notice that can be improved upon, or suggest ideas that may have not already been included in the original plans for v2. Sarcophagus and both Decent teams are all about inclusivity and openness to building better solutions. This month’s dev update was really good as we also had one of the VC partners join in on the call to talk about how both sides of the relationship between VC and project can mutually help each other grow. Lucky to have Felix from Greenfield One join us, which you can see below.

Community Technical Engagement

Some very interesting additions to the GitHub comments have been community members working with the v1 archaeologist node, looking at ways to increase privacy through different means. One community member, Justin Ame, demonstrated how he was able to create an Archaeologist node that rather than utilize a DNS domain, was pointed to a Tor onion site, making traceability back to the node operator almost impossible. In addition, another member that goes by boobie in the Discord is working on setting up the archaeologist node in a completely local instance utilizing Truffle and Ganache. He’s still currently in the process of working it out, but given that the docs don’t have a solid explanation on how to do it and seeing his progress is promising that he’ll come up with something running soon. If you have ideas on how we can improve things and/or want to try to learn how to run an archaeologist node, jump into the Discord and reach out to the team.

Liquidity SubDAO

A follow-up from last month, but the DAO has approved to have supersecretmegallc.etc lead a team (who will be selected and approved) that will manage the Liquidity SubDAO. The Liquidity SubDAO will be used to manage the funds of the Sarcophagus DAO to sustainable manage funds and distribute any yield back to DAO members who participate in governance actions for Sarcophagus. Details of the Treasury Management Plan can be found here (LINK). The TLDR on the Plan is that a multisig wallet will be managed by the Liquidity SubDAO team and they will use a 5 of 7 voting scheme to approve measures to manage the funds of the DAO. The latest talks have been to use Rift Finance (LINK to Rift) to manage liability and provision liquidity.

Tech Talk #2 Privacy

Continuing with building and sharing the knowledge from the team and community members the Tech Talk this month was surrounding Privacy. This is a meaningful topic for the project, as Sarcophagus is all about entitling privacy while passing information on the blockchain. The Tech Talk was hosted by Quickchange and Airfoil who went into thorough detail about the various aspects of Privacy and how different subsystems in Sarcophagus have different privacy profiles and concerns. These tech talks are great as they allow anyone from the community to join in, ask questions, and get some education from our team who has a vast wealth of experience and expertise on these topics. You can check out the recording of the Tech Talk below.

SARCO Community Numbers

SARCO Incentives Earning Metrics

As we enter May, we want to make it known that the Liquidity Farming Incentives will complete later this month. With this, we want to ensure that everyone claims their rewards and stake.

One thing that we want to reiterate is that the stablecoin liquidity mining incentive contract has expired and if you have any stablecoins and rewards still locked up, be sure to not forget to unlock and claim them.

Wrap Up

Join in on the conversation, and help us build and continue to develop solutions to enable freedom and privacy.

Get Involved:

Sarcophagus Discord Server

Sarcophagus Documentation

Sarcophagus Telegram

Sarcophagus Chinese Telegram

Official Sarcophagus Twitter Account




Sarcophagus is an autonomous, incentivized application built on Ethereum and Arweave. This is the community page to discuss updates and news around the $SARCO community

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