$SARCO Community February 2022 Update

February Recap of What is Happening in the Sarcophagus World

The month of February represents a head down and time to grind for the project. Last month concluded the project's first big face-to-face meeting with all the various builders of the project to discuss what 2022 will look like and to lay the foundations for v2 of the dApp. Although it may have seemed a bit quiet amongst the builders, there is a lot going on in the background as a DAO vote concluded at the top of the month to approve the first quarter spending for v2 dApp development through Decent Labs.

As always, we love and appreciate everyone that helps to contribute, discuss, and learn about the project as we grow as a project and a DAO.

v2 dApp Development

You can follow Decent Labs on their Discord Server here

Earlier this month, a DAO vote was held to support the development of the v2 of the dApp that aims to improve the security, functionality, and UX of the Sarcophagus dApp. The details of the two votes can be found here and here. The two votes included payment of 350,000 USDC and 500,000 SARCO to Decent DAO for the track 1 development that should cover 2022 Q1. The development support includes the allocated time of (1) Engineering Manager, (1) System Architect, (3) Full Time Engineers, and (1) Designer to work on the project. The majority of the work that is filled in this track involves developing and finalizing the system design and architecture to make the implementation of the new features implemented as robust as possible. The details of the roadmap from Decent DAO can be found here.

Kicking Off the Technical Talks!

To help with engagement and knowledge transfer about Sarcophagus and security at large, Quickchange (one of the Ambassadors) will be kicking off a new series of tech talks with the community, with the first one being on March 5th @ 5PM UTC. Quickchange will be discussing in the opening talk about the Project Structure and what we are about as a project. For anyone that may have any questions about how and what we are trying to accomplish with Sarcophagus, this is a must to attend. The format of these Technical Talks will be forum style and we welcome and encourage people to speak up, ask questions, and don’t hesitate to chime in on any doubts that you may have regarding Sarcophagus.

Community Content Contest

This month, we kicked off another community engagement contest to try and get community members involved in building and generating content in both written and graphic means. As usual, the community stepped up and put together some quality efforts and the winners for the respective sections can be found below.

Infographic Content Winners:

1st — Ese

2nd — Dallaseze

3rd — Cujo

Article Content Winners:

1st — Dirty Sanchez

2nd — Cujo

3rd — Ese

The winning article written by Dirty Sanchez can be found here and the winning infographic from Ese is shown below. Congrats to all contestants and the winners!

Future Community Engagement Plans

The Sarcophagus Ambassadors have some very interesting ideas warming up in the oven to help with community engagement and getting our voice out there. Some of the ideas that we have had include additional community contests like the Content Contest last month, as well as hosting a podcast and Twitter Spaces. We’re always trying to look at ways that promote the organic, grassroots ethos we have at Sarcophagus and look to build our community up. The last thing we’ve been discussing is starting an onboarding process for those who are new to Sarcophagus to help level set people on what we are about, provide guidance on how to help, and just familiarize people with who we are as a community. These onboarding sessions would likely be short small sessions held routinely to cover all the various timezones and availability of folks in the Discord server.

If you have ideas on how to help improve communication or community engagement always feel free to share with us!

SARCO Community Numbers

SARCO Incentive Earning Metrics:

Note the LP-Mining Incentives is set to complete in May 2022

Get Involved:

Sarcophagus Discord Server

Sarcophagus Documentation

Sarcophagus Telegram

Sarcophagus Chinese Telegram

Official Sarcophagus Twitter Account




Sarcophagus is an autonomous, incentivized application built on Ethereum and Arweave. This is the community page to discuss updates and news around the $SARCO community

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