$SARCO Community May 2022 Update

May Recap of What is Happening in the Sarcophagus World

As 2022 continues to move on, the development of Sarcophagus is coming along smoothly, with the Decent DAO developers making solid progress and GitHub being filled with discussions. As we are moving into the summer months, expect things to start heating up as v2 starts coming together as well as seeing the Liquidity subDAO being put together. This comes off the conclusion of the Liquidity Farming Incentives, that had been running over the past year. From a community perspective, the 3rd iteration of the Tech Talks went on with the topic of the conversation focusing on the concept of a DAO in the context of how it applies to Sarcophagus. Lastly, with the way the general sentiment and feels are in the crypto-verse, the Ambassadors will look to build and redefine some of the aspects of how the community is organized and make it more intuitive on how to contribute and be a part of the team. Stay tuned for more developments in the coming months.

V2 Development

Our friends at Decent DAO have been working quite hard and working to make v2 come to fruition. If you follow the Descent DAO’s Discord Server (Link Here), you can see that there are a lot of conversations regarding how to set up new multi-curse architecture, the setup of the node system, and the general flow process of how v2 will work. We invite anyone to follow along in the conversation and would love it if you dropped comments and/or ask clarifying questions as the development process is completely open-ended and open-sourced. In making the most secure dApp possible, the development process is as open as possible.

Liquidity SubDAO

In recent weeks, there was a community chat where the idea was pitched about opening and running a Liquidity SubDAO, with the purpose of running and managing the liquidity of the Sarcophagus DAO. The goal of the Liquidity subDAO is to provide the $SARCO token with perpetual, DAO-owned liquidity. In the past week, the Liquidity SubDao which is led by @supersecretevilmegallc has nominated a wide range of token stakeholders from seasoned community members, builders, and/or investors to sit as signers on a 5 of 7 multisig. The name of the signers can be found below. There will be a vote set up through the main Sarcophagus Aragon DAO to confirm the signers and provides funds to the liquidity subDAO. The vote date will be TBA and announced through Sarcophagus social media channels. More details about the Liquidity SubDAO can be found here.

Nominated multisig signers for the Liquidity SubDAO

The Liquidity subDAO’s role will replace and have a more expansive role than the initial liquidity farming initiatives that the DAO has run in its first year. This will look to make more targeted and controlled moves as the DAO has sufficient liquidity to manage and own its own provisioning across multiple DEXs and in the future across chains (for future EVM-compliant chains where Sarcophagus could be implemented).

Tech Talks v3: DAOs

The third edition of the Tech Talks was a lively one with great community conversations about DAOs and what they mean to Sarcophagus. In this nascent space of the crypto-sphere, Sarcophagus is trying to carve out its unique interpretation of how to work, roles, and goals are accomplished in a DAO setting and framework. Great work from Quickchange and Jonny Ringo for hosting the talk and helping to lead/answer questions from the community. Also special thanks to Nsikans for designing the invite banner for the tech talk as well. And as always a huge thanks to all those that attended and look forward to more tech talk discussions.

Upcoming Community Changes

Lastly, as mentioned above, except for the Ambassadors to slowly push out a more intuitive layout to the Discord Server, as well as help to define the roles and ways that anyone can join and contribute to the DAO. You may have noticed, that we have added a user-defined role that anyone can add to themselves to help understand what you’re strong point is for future projects. We are looking at ways to help encourage and make ways to contribute more straightforward.

If you have ideas that you think could help the community please drop them on the Discord server!

SARCO Community Numbers

Wrap Up

Join in on the conversation, and help us build and continue to develop solutions to enable freedom and privacy.

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Sarcophagus is an autonomous, incentivized application built on Ethereum and Arweave. This is the community page to discuss updates and news around the $SARCO community

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