$SARCO Community October 2022 Update

October Recap of What is Happening in the Sarcophagus World

Spooky season is among us and the Sarcophagus fire is still burning bright. October brings a couple of very intriguing things that are coming to fruition for the Sarcophagus community, as we get the first glimpse of v2 presented by our dev friends at Decent DAO. In addition to the development of v2 we have seen the workings and building of governance incentives come to life as the goal of the DAO is to help promote activity in the governance space by incentivizing users to stake their tokens in the governance app and then participate by voting on DAO proposals. October also will bring some changes to our sarcophagus.community web page as the Ambassadors and Growth subDAO members will be taking that space to help formulate an onboarding and use case explanation of Sarcophagus. On top of the v2 sneak peek, the growth subDAO will be working on helping to set up things for an incentivized testnet and while we iron out the details of how it would work, expect that we will ask the community to chip in and test v2 thoroughly so it’s primed and ready to ship later this year. Lastly, we close the year as we prep for a Dev Update w/ Decent DAO on v2 as we inch closer to a testnet release in preparation for the mainnet release after that. Come to that with questions and feel free to drop questions in the Sarcophagus Discord if you won’t be able to attend and we’ll make sure to get all of them answered.

Walkthrough of v2 Testnet version

v2 Testnet Sneak Peek:

Recently, the DAO was treated to a video of a walkthrough of the Sarcophagus v2 Dapp, w/ Sethastian leading and walking through it for us, the video embedded above shows from start to creation the basic functionality and UX that we can expect to see in the new Dapp. It has a very streamlined approach and was designed to be as intuitive to the embalmer (or creator of the Sarcophagus). Making the process easy to go through is key to helping break any barriers down on how Sarcophagus works and to growing future adoption. In the version shown in the video, the testnet is run locally on the Georli testnet.

Growth subDAO Happenings:

A couple of months in the Growth subDAO is slowly generating ideas on how to support and ideate around the use cases that Sarcophagus can be applied to. One of the key things is to slowly have enough material available that suits people of all walks that have use for an application like Sarcophagus. This will be written in a non-technical, easy-to-understand format as well as having something more detailed around the security and decentralization aspects that are enabled through Sarcophagus. One area that we will focus on as well as form a process map of the use cases showing how Sarcophagus provides fewer points of failure and minimizes attack surfaces compared to alternatives and/or traditional means of asset pass-through. In addition, the following items below are being worked on:

  • Graphic/Design Content Meetups — GsD members who provide creative content support for the DAO are planning to have some reoccurring meetings to talk about direction, branding, and other areas to support the project
  • Outreach to different crypto-native communities — Setting up and hosting talks with University Blockchain clubs, conferences, and local crypto meetups
  • Develop workstreams for GsD members to get specializations and focus talent on their strong points for building and growing the community and the DAO
  • Repurpose the sarcophagus.community webpage to help serve as the onboarding bridge for new users and provide walkthrough information for the various use cases.

November Developer Update AMA:

Upcoming early next month Sarcophagus and Decent DAO will host an AMA to discuss the highlights so far in the development of v2. We will be going through the current state of the Dapp, as well as about when we can expect to have the testnet available. Come join us in the #Meetings channel in the Sarcophagus Discord on November 10th @ 20:00 UTC!

Link to Event

ITN (Incentivized Testnet) planning for v2

With the testnet approaching, the Ambassadors will be looking at ways to structure an incentivized testnet similar to the Typescript refactoring testnet that was done last year. The team will be looking at ways to further formalize the testnet by capturing as much information that could be used to help iron out any wrinkles and identify any bugs that our frens at Decent DAO could improve v2! Look forward to communications on this and how we will leverage the community to make it stronger together.

SARCO Community Numbers

Wrap Up

Join in on the conversation, and help us build and continue to develop solutions to enable freedom and privacy.

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