$SARCO Community September Update

September Recap of What Is Happening in the Sarcophagus World

September has come in hot and with a refreshed sense of energy in the $SARCO community. There have been a lot of new faces across the social media channels, with all of them being engaged, hungry, and learning about the Sarcophagus platform. As September looks to close, our month is on the horizon and the time of year that suits us most. Expect to hear and see big things coming in our AMA’s and meetings for this month!!! You don’t want to miss out.

Key Points:

Increased Interactions with the Community

In order to continue to build the fire that we have been slowly igniting expect to see more interactions with the community from the Ambassadors and Developers of the project. This will set the stage for Q&A’s, updates on development, and to build the bond and community that we are slowly seeing coming together. Look out for meetings that will be hosted in the Discord Server, because you don’t want to miss out on the awesome things that are coming up.

October “Power Push” & Spook Month Rewards

As mentioned above, October is our month and we will be looking for a power push and ask that our community members do their best to spread the word about Sarcophagus and what it can do. We would like community members, candidates, and ambassadors to try and learn about how Sarcophagus works and use their influence to share those learnings across social media. We want to see the community numbers go sky high this upcoming month and continue the trend! You may get a XP bump for attending the community meeting on Oct 2nd, be there to find out!

Discord Leveling System:

The $SARCO ambassadors have introduced a leveling system within the Discord server to help incentivize and promote activity within the Discord server. The basis of the leveling system is to remain active, promote SARCO and gain experience through those interactions within the Discord Server. Earning new roles as described in the graphic above, will entitle the user to role-specific bonuses and benefits! Expect to hear more at the upcoming community meeting on October 2nd!

Candidate/Ambassador Changes

To also better serve the community, some changes have been made to the Candidate and Ambassador programs to vet new users in the community and to again promote activity within our social circles. One change to our candidate program is to introduce a grace period for all interested in being a candidate to reach level 5. This is just another way to help vet candidates on their activity and interaction with the group, so they’ll need to ensure that they reach the level 5 minimum within 2 weeks of being accepted as a candidate. Being a candidate is a trial period for engaged users to demonstrate their interest, energy, and passion for Sarcophagus to one day be promoted to an Ambassador role. Ambassadors are voted in, by current Ambassadors and serve in supporting the community through planning events and developing content.

Bounties Update

This month we would like to announce a few changes to the bounty program in order to ensure that Community funds are best spent to help promote and grow interest in Sarcophagus. We are currently going to put a hold on the bounty program, to revamp the program to help deliver maximum value from it. The team is also currently looking at coming up with a new set of bounties that may be a little more technical than in the past to highlight how Sarcophagus works. Expect a future communication about this!

That is a 10% growth in social media connections!!!!

SARCO Earning Metrics:

Below are some of the metrics for liquidity mining and farming options that SARCO also provides.

September Liquidity Mining Rates
September Liquidity Farming Rates

Things to Look for in October:

  • Fireworks from the team!
  • Additional incentives and push to grow the community!

Oh BTW did we mention we are working on an NFT Collab?

Here’s a quick teaser of what to look forward to as we collab with Solana NFT project Spooky Sols Society to release our Pharoah SpookySol! We will be coming up with plans on how we get these out! There’ll be options to get it with accessories like shown below as well!

Join our Discord Server here:

Sarcophagus Discord Server



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