Sarcophagus Tech Talks #1 Recap

What Sarcophagus is all about!

Earlier this month the Sarcophagus Ambassadors ran through the first Tech Talk with the community and it represents the start of an informal, forum-style educational series to help teach, engage, and reach out to anyone that wants to learn more about Sarcophagus. Quickchange, one of the Ambassadors, led the first Tech Talk to discuss a variety of topics around what Sarcophagus is, how we operate, and the ethos behind the project.

With the decentralization-based focus that Sarcophagus tries to live up to, if anyone wants to help host, support, and/or put together content for future tech talks, please reach out to Quickchange or any of the Ambassadors and they will look forwards to collaborating.

A list of the topics discussed was:

Project Structure

Sarcophagus is a community largely developed around the concept of a decentralized, dead man’s switch and focused on the utility that the dApp can offer. The project looks to build and grow off any utilization of the DMS within the bounds of the dApp (or potentially a future SDK). The aim is to be inclusive and allow anyone to make proposals to the DAO to further build upon the project.


Sarcophagus aims to fully live, breathe, and align with principles based on decentralization. This means anyone can help support the project through the four pillars of the project.

  1. Open Source
  2. DAO
  3. Token
  4. Community


As it’s probably not enough to just say the project is open source, we utilize an unlicense approach to the project, which gives them rights and permissions for everyone to use the codebase with zero restrictions. Openness with sharing of ideas and how Sarcophagus works is another aim in the project.

Sarcophagus DAO

The Sarcophagus DAO was built and developed so that there was no “leader” or “board” to make decisions about the direction that the project takes. This enables anyone who is a token holder to represent their views and stake in the project by voting on proposals to the DAOs. The DAO also controls the total uncirculated supply of SARCO tokens and will need to pass a vote to spend any funds. The DAO ultimately is an organizational structure that helps run the project, controls the treasury of funds raised and steers the direction of the project.

Token Overview

The SARCO token is an ERC-20 token and is a Utility token of the project. It’s used as the currency to run through the embalming process for making a Sarcophagus in the dApp. It is also used to represent voting power for token holders in the DAO, 1 SARCO = 1 SARCO VR , which is the governance voting right token. Overall, with the decentralized nature of the project, listings for the token have been brought up and the project has leaned towards utilizing DEXs as a way for users to get a hold of tokens. This means that centralized entities, like CEX have less control of tokens and align with the ethos of the project.


The community is the backbone of the project and the Ambassadors attempt to help shepherd and educate new community members about how the project works and drive engagement. The project is always looking for feedback and comments from the community on ways that Sarcophagus could grow further.

Tech Talk #2: You Choose the Topic!!!

A poll will be made on the Sarcophagus Discord server to select the next topic. Looking to connect and engage with more as the tech talks get more traction. A list of the proposed topics for upcoming Tech Talks include:

  1. Encryption
  2. Archaeologist
  3. Embalmer
  4. L2s
  5. Liquidity & Incentives
  6. DAO
  7. Tokenomics
  8. Governance
  9. SDK
  10. Use Cases
  11. Privacy

Upcoming topics are not limited to the above topics, so if anyone has something else they’d like to talk about, propose it in the Discord server!

Listen to our discussion!

Get Involved:

Sarcophagus Discord Server

Sarcophagus Documentation

Sarcophagus Telegram

Sarcophagus Chinese Telegram

Official Sarcophagus Twitter Account




Sarcophagus is an autonomous, incentivized application built on Ethereum and Arweave. This is the community page to discuss updates and news around the $SARCO community

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