This is how we “Social Media”

Recently, the Social Media Team has established a Social Media Guideline. In honor of this achievement, we decided to share how we “Social Media.”

Imagine a non-profit full of engineers and scientists, who are students & professionals, volunteering their time to do some marketing. We didn’t have a clue besides fiddling around with our own personal accounts. We started by throwing a few darts to test out some hypothesis, hoping to hit the bullseye.

P.C. Meme

We missed often. Things were not going too great but, we absolutely learned a lot. We want to highlight how far we’ve come and this is what we are doing today.

1. Experiment and Fail

We had many successful marketing campaigns with tons of membership engagement by strategically working with our stakeholders to increase brand awareness. However, there were times when we had little engagement, and we did not achieve any of our metrics or goals. Overall, we continue to try different “experiments” to continue to grow as a team. Expect us to always try to push the limits and fail.

2. A Unified Ecosystem

Our national social media platforms and the regional pages have always gone separate ways. We decided to have nationals be the big brother and to consistently be the first to publish any major news and to then allow the regional pages to publish afterwards. By doing this, we do not necessarily spam our user base and keep high quality post from being looked as “another post that I’ve seen/read.”

3. Story with Data

For a while, we posted, liked, shared, tweeted many things. We were followers in the scary social media world. We aim to look at the data associated to the metrics on our tweets, FB posts, LinkedIN posts, and Instagrams. We hope it will help tell us a story on how we are doing and how we can continue to push the limits.

Our next step:

Scientists and engineers are trained to be objective. That is in our career’s DNA and it is a requirement. You can argue we are the worst choice for marketing volunteers out there. However, we are shifting that notion by breaking those stereotypes. We are looking to become a storyteller, finding a way to humanize the SASE brand and learning what it really means to be an Asian scientist or engineer. Regionally, many groups have started the “Humans of SASE/Regional Spotlight” campaigns.

This is a great start and we will continue to push the limits on our potential.

For now, call us the Superior Social Tacticians, Social Media Assassins, Digital Demigods, or the Dynamic Social Innovator. Because, we will continue to leave our social media footprint on you.

Check out our newly polished Social Media Guideline…

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