Dare to Enjoy The Moment

Thomas J. Fernandez

Every year, SASE gets more exciting, more helpful, more complex and more inviting.

Every year, SASE seizes opportunities to make a bigger impact and rises to the occasion. The SASE volunteers are the reason.

Every year, the Board sets an aggressive agenda….and every year SASE delivers.

But, sometimes, my Asian tendency to plan and sacrifice for the long-term, takes away from me truly enjoying individuals in the moment. So as we grow, as I am confident we will continue to do so, I Dare to Enjoy the Moment more. I dare to participate in more collegiate and professional planning meetings, and laugh with other volunteers as we continue to grow this phenomenal SASE family.

Every year, SASE has a more profound and sustainable impact on the Asian scientist and engineering community. And I know we will deliver. And we will have fun and grow thousands upon thousands of top leaders in college and in their professional careers. And along the way, I will dare to enjoy the moment together.

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Originally published at saseconnect.org.

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