Dare to Have Fun

By Prutha Patel and Karen Feng, University of Miami

Exams. Grades. Career. Interviews. Extracurriculars. Your future. Medical school. Are you stressed yet?

Most students our age walk around like headless zombies just finishing one item on their to-do list after another. Finished research? Time to do homework. Finished homework? Time to study.There’s no end to the list of things we have to do. Although SASE meetings are another thing to do as an extracurricular, here at University of Miami SASE we’ve made it into an organization where we enjoy all the moments we spend together and this has strengthened the bond among our members.

Have meetings? Bring friends. Holding a study hall? Bring puppies.

Celebrating a birthday? Get messy!

Even though professionalism is required, don’t be afraid to take off your blazers after the job is done.

In the past few years, we have striven for this mindset. In between professional development activities such as company information and resume critique sessions, our chapter likes to take a walk to the local arcade.

Don’t forget that in the midst of all the professionalism, fun is a requirement.

SASE UMiami Chapter was awarded the 2016 Honorable Mention Outstanding New Chapter at the 2016 SASE National Conference in Dallas, TX.

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