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The First AMA with the Sashimi Governance Committee! Ask us anything now!

The establishment of the Sashimi Governance Committee on October 26 marks the beginning of the Sashimi DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization). But we didn’t stop there. To allow the 5 Core members fully express their opinions and suggestions and keep community users fully informed of where the community is heading, we are to host the first public AMA session by the Sashimi Governance Committee.

Through this AMA session, we hope to convey to the community what Sashimi is going to do next, as well as the direction of development, and to answer any questions that the community users want to know.

Time: November 6th, 18:00 — November 12th, 18:00 (SGT)

  • Collect Questions: 6th November 18:00–12th November 18:00
  • Answer Questions: 10th November 18:00–12th November 18:00

Join us on:

Sashimi Discord AMA #ama-meet-the-new-sgc channel


@liuye ( AEX Team) @Koki @aelf @OrangeOcto @11parkjj2

How to participate

  • From Nov. 6 to Nov. 12, all users can ask questions at any time on the Discord #ama-meet-the-new-sgc channel. Channel Link:
  • From Nov. 10 to Nov. 12, the 5 SGC members will answer the questions together. Since they are in different time zones, they will be allowed to answer questions at different times.

We are here to invite all users to participate in this AMA on the Sashimi Discord server! Through this AMA, you will get to know every core member who has been heavily involved in the development of Sashimi. You will also have ready access to new ideas on the future direction of Sashimi. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!




Sashimi More Than a DEX: Swap, Investment, Vault, Staking

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