Tony and Bill


They have been through a lot this year together and thought that going away might help them work through a few relationship problems they have been experiencing.

Tony: I just thought it would be nice to go somewhere different

Bill: Yeah somewhere with plenty of sunshine

Tony: Interesting foods

Bill: But still somewhere with a bit of adventure. I was a bit worried at first. I wasn’t even sure if Tony was going to ask me. Sometimes he likes to just make these decisions himself.

Tony: Don’t be silly Bill. I was always going to ask you and you were always going to come.

Bill: I guess so… Bill and I have spoken to our friends Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and especially George, well George and his dad – I think they’ve both been over there havn’t they Tony?

Tony: That’s right Bill — and John Howard too – he couldn’t shut up about about the place, still talking about it and his decision to go there, after all these years — the place made a real impression on him. Anyway they’ve all told us about how much fun they had when they were over there

Bill: They’ve shown us the photos….

Tony: …and by all reports the place hasn’t changed that much. It’s hard when friends have been somewhere and you havn’t. Hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy.

Bill: It’s got the history.. the architecture, its also a real melting pot

Tony: One of those places that’s pretty much unspoilt by tourism. But its modernising as well – especially in Baghdad – so many new buildings, new government, new everything.

Bill: I guess it just feels right for us at the moment. It’s always hard to get away, we lead such busy lives but sometimes you just have to say enough is enough

Tony: Some me time. But it’s really about us – it’s WE time, isn’t it Bill?

Bill: It’s just great that Tony and I feel the same way about it

Tony: We can’t wait, gives me goose bumps just thinking about it

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