I’m in danger of being radicalised

I like to eat kebab, occasionally with my bare hands

I lived in Brunswick for 8 years, 8 years…

I owned a slug gun as a child

I showed little mercy to other living things

I was excommunicated from the Scouts and earlier, Sunday School…they must have suspected something…

There was a pattern developing from an early age

I’m in danger of being radicalised

I quite like Camels and Goats, I feel we have an understanding

The last international flight I took was on Emirates..it flew directly, unswervingly over the Middle East…. Why did I choose that flight over that part of the world.. I cannot tell you other than to say it happened.. you would have to consult the metadata…

I spend a lot of time on YouTube..more than can be considered normal… what am I looking at and why

We live on a small property away from things in a place whose name no one can pronounce..

not far from the airport..from flight paths..within striking distance

I have chopped off heads…I will not lie.. a fish and disturbingly, the head of a flower….

I cannot say it won’t happen again

I look at : parking inspectors, used car salesmen, Collingwood supporters..

I look at Christopher Pyne and I think to myself.. it would not take much..

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