December 2016

Roger Dubar
Dec 5, 2016 · 6 min read

Please enjoy our catalogue miscellany from December 2016! Our archive from January 2017 is here. Join us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter at @SatiriaNews too!

#SATIRIAmag 4! 2017 Preview Edition! Putin v. Trump! Offence! Fattening! Tumblr Gender Overdrive! Celebrity Deaths! 31 Dec 2016: SPecial editor: @MrEwanMorrison
#ENDWHITENESSmag 1!! For white people who want white people GONE! Soros! Entho-masochism! White Lives Don’t Matter! 30 Dec 2016
#SATAIRIAmag 3! 2016: Review of The Year! H. Bosch! Steve Pangloss Pinker! Culture Wars! Hitler! Trump! 28 Dec 2016
XMAS SPECIAL! Santa Trump! Kwanza! Chanukah! Festivus! A very merry Christmas to all our readers! ❤ xx 23 Dec 2016
28–31 December 2017
26–27 December 2016
#NATIONALISTmag 2! For Britain, England & St George Edition! THE QUEEN! Brexit! Churchill! Multiculturalism! ❤! 22 Dec 2016
Throughts on religious tolerance. 22 Dec 2016
#GLOBALISTmag 2! Angela Merkel! Germany! Mass Immigration! For people who know what’s best for everyone. 21 Dec 2016
#GREENPLANETmag 2! Because Humanity must fall! Trump! Food is violence! CO2! Misgendered plants! Culling! 20 Dec 2016
Victor, White Supremacy, Trump, the Dalia Lama. Together at last.
#NATIONALISTmag: because our country is the best country. 1st issue! Scotland! Sturgeon! Braveheart! Free calendar! ty: @MrEwanMorrison 18 Dec 2016
#GLOBALISTmag! The magazine for a united citizenry of nowhere! Tony Blair! Open Borders! The Debto Editor: @MrEwanMorrison. 18 Dec 2016
Political Compass, December 2016. 1000+ retweets! 16 Dec 2016
SECONDWAVEmag 1! New from #Satiria! ’Cause the 3rd & 4th waves of feminism suck! GERMAINE GREER! 16 Dec 2016
#UNREGRESSIVEmag 7! Wonder Woman special! Feminist icon! Pronouns! Gender! Biology! #FakeNews! 15 Dec 2016
#LEFTERmag 3! Trump is literally Hitler! #HamiltonElectors! #ReverseObama! Galloway! Free auto-block app! 15 Dec 2016
Trump Santa & Emperor stories, 15 December 2016
14 December 2016
#PHILOXmag 3! Slavoj Žižek! waterboarding! Seduction! Broken eggs! #PostTruth! PC & racist bigotry! 13 Dec 2016
#FAKENEWS! World leader for real fake news! Trump! Putin! Hillary Clinton! CIA! Ed: @MrEwanMorrison! 12 Dec 2016
CORBYNISTAmag 8! Our new allies Russia & Iran! Shouting racist!!1!! Being more Trotskyite! 11 Dec 2016
ALL NEW! #SUPERNATUREmag from #SATIR!A with David Wolfe! Transference Healing! Fartin! Avocados! Deepak Chopra! 9 Dec 2016
8 December Meme News flood!
#SNOWFLAKEmag! from #Satiria! With Dave Rubin! Racism! Podcasts! Maajid! #RegressiveLeft! SPLC! For very special Snowflakes! 7 Dec 2016
#SATIRIAmag! Person Of The Year Edition! Donald Trump! Putin! Merkel! Islamophobia! Modi! Isis! 7 Dec 2016
#LifeImitatesSatiria Activists launch monthly fee system for whites to pay blacks. #PriviligeChecker
#Satiria #NoTrueScotsman Special! with @DalaiLama! @HuffPo! @TheSimpsons! #Isis! Gabby Aossey! Feminism! Islam!
Elite Social Justice Warriors announce New Childrens’ Crusade to end war in Syria, save refugees, and win infinite Virtue Signalling Points.
Donald J. Trump confuses White Supremacists by appointing Ben Carson to be Santa Claus. #satiria #waronchristmas
Western liberals outraged that migrants are being asked not to mutilate their daughters genitals, or send them abroad as teenagers to marry cousins they’ve never met
Angela Merkel wins World Chutzpah Award after slamming Germany’s 2015 Migrant Crisis & calling for burqa ban
Bible, Quran Rewrites Strike A New Chord With Less Divinely-Ordered Murder & Rape. #satiria
#PUTINmag!! New from #Satiria! For Westerners who love Vladimir Putin! RT! Trump! Corbyn! Assad! 6 Dec 2016
I, Duncan Smith
#Satiria & #Modiji: Dedicated to India & 1.2 Billion Indians. “Mitron, every patriot should subscribe today!”
JAPANOPHILE magazine!@ All new from #Satiria! Anime! Manga! Kauji! Hentai! Trump! Bonsai! 5 Dec 2016
Indonesia Blasphemy March

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