General Corbynus: “we will be over-run by endless hordes of Goths from the east… whether we disband the Empire or not.”

General Corbynus has given his most emphatic defence of the Roman Empire yet: “Yes, we will be over-run by endless hordes of Goths from the east. But this will happen whether we disband the Empire or not. It is inevitable either way.”

The leader of the once-powerful Artifex faction of the Empire, described equally as a future Govenor the province of Britain, and a dangerous lunatic, Corbynus has courted controversy several times both within his faction and across the Senate.

“He’s gone off message yet again”, one if his leading Centurians told Satiria, asking not to be named as he was not authroised to speak publically. “He’s meant to be arguing forcefully against the voluntary dissolution of the Empire. He’s meant to be portraying the Menare campaign as the sensible option, playing down the prospects of Rome being sacked by wild-eyed barbarians. He’s playing into the hands of General Farage and the Relinquo . We can’t go telling the plebs the truth about the vulnerbility of the Empire whether we stay or leave”.

General Corbynus will give an exclusive interview to Sataria in the coming weeks.