2017 Catalogue

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#TRUMPERmag 10! Political genius! Chocolate cake! War with Russia! Share to support the best President of all time!
#WESTISTANPOST 2!!Fetishising Islam, Muslims & Hijab! #NIKE! Twerking! Modesty Culture! Beautiful religion! Enjoy!
#TRANSFUTUREmag! NEW! Genderfluid! Non-binary! Real women! Beards & penises! Ban Jenni Murray & “Gay” pride!
#ALTRIGHT 9! White Men Under Attack! @Pewdiepie! Milo Y! #TrashDove #Pepe!#Trump #Bannon #FakeNews #Punch!
#INFILTRATEmag! Stealth Sharia!Trojan Horse Schools! Multiculturalism! “Feminist” Islam! Tower Hamlets! Yassmin!!1!
#CLASSICALRACIST! Reclaiming old fashioned prejudice! David Duke! 72 signs Trump is the White Christ! Please Enjoy!
#TRUMPLIFEmag! The new lifestyle magazine for Trump fans! More guns & God! Less nuance! Robots! Russia! ICE! Enjoy!
#TRUMPERmag 9! America gets its groove back! War of the Worlds! Hostile Reporters! #MUSLIMBAN! Tillerson! Putin!!1!
#CULTURALMARXmag !!The fun journal for social justice advocacy! Herbert “Make Love Not War” Mercuse!
#SJSPORTSmag! Social Justice Sports News! The Super White Bowl! Tom Brady! Falcons yay! Patriots boo! Plz ENJOY!!1!
#FATTERMAG 2! LINDA BACON SPECIAL! Happiness > Health! Feeders! Fatphobia! Travel! Body Terrorism!
#MIGRANTmag!! Promoting Migration! German cultural enhancement! France-Egypt enrichment! Statistics!
#ANTIFAmag 2! Purge Traitors! Silence Dissent! Denounce relatives! No Dialogue! Burn Books! Enjoy & SHARE comrades!
#FREEMARKETmag 2! The free-er the market, the free-er the people! RAND PAUL! Ayn Rand! Pinochet! Losers! Enjoy!
#TRUMPERmag 8! PHARAOH TRUMP! Long may he reign! #AlternativeFacts! Blame! Putin! Wombs! Melania!
#SEGREGATE 2! REISSUE! Only segregation can defeat white supremacists! No Race Mixing! Linda Sarsour! Plz ENJOY!
#ANTIFAmag! NEW! Fascism must be crushed at all costs! THE PUNCH! Trahscans! Starbucks! Doxxing!
#ISLAMOFEMINISTmag! Merging feminism & Women’s Jihad! American Hijabi! Segregation!#WomensMarch!
#UNREGRESSIVEmag 8! Trump Tantrum Primal Screeching Edition! BILL MAHER! Pillbillies! Regressives! Liberals! ENJOY!
#MUSLIMAmag 6! Women’s March Against Trump Special! Linda Sarsour! WHITE EXCLUSIONARY FEMINISM!
#MENSRIGHTSmag 8! Trump Inauguration Special! Who’s Your Daddy!? Yuge! Feminazis! Wage Gaps! Walls! Golden Showers!
#UNSEXYmag! New! Because unsexy people are the most oppressed of all! LENA DUNHAM Special!
#BADMANAGER magazine! Issue 1! Turn your team against itself! Inconstancy! Tedium! TY: @MartinRocketMD!
#PROTESTmag 3! Femen Trump Protest Special! Grab your own pussy! Annoy anti-feminists! SHARE to change the world!
#SHORTERmag 1! Short People have been overlooked too long! Peter Dinklage! Shelves! Discrimination! PTSD! Enjoy!
#DRUNKERMag! Normalise alcoholism! Free booze on the State! Junkies get methadone: we demand methylated spirits!
#Satiria Field Guide: Ideology
Anti-Trump protesters threaten to firebomb blind child’s birthday unless moved from date of Trump’s Inauguration.
Snowflakes Are Falling… Political Correctness Ends January 20 2017. Stay tuned to #Satiria for insightful updates.
#TECHmag 1! NEW!! Future Tech today for geeks, nerds & gamers!!! Bots! A.I.! Gizmos! Women! Please share & ENJOY!!
#MODERABIAMAG 8! #RealHousewivesofIsis #Revolting Special! Banning! Hijab! Sharia! Beard Oil! Share! Alhamdulillah!

#PROTESTmag 1! For kids who just have to get angry! Violence! Fashion! Dating! Weathermen! Molotovs! 10 Jan 2017
#PLOCOMEDIAN! Funny for Palestine! Why Zionists are not funny! Cultural Appropriation-Free Keffiyeh Offer! Enjoy! 9 Jan 2017
9 January 2017
#CRITICALTHEORYmag 1! Horkheimer Special! The new intellectual Journal for Social Justice! Editor: @MrEwanMorrison — 8 Jan 2017
#TRUMPERmag 7! Trump The Merciless! Making America Great Again: The Trump Way! Please enjoy & Share! #MAGA #TRUMP! 8 Jan 2017
#FREEMARKETmag! NEW! Paul Ryan! Ayn Rand + Jesus + Capitalism = Freedom! Empathy with losers! TY: @AtheismNTheCity — 7 Jan 2017
#ALTRIGHTmag 8! Milo Yiannopoulos! Richard Spencer! Trump’s kleptocracy to save the USA! Pepes! 5 Dec 2016
#PHILOXmag 4! Heidegger! Nihilism! Post-Truth! Satre! Hume! Free will for every reader! Philo diet: think thin! 2 Jan 2017
New for 2017! #MOOREon! The leading mag 4 Michael Moore fans! We Are All Muslim! Beyond Trumpland! Fat Acceptance! 1 Jan 2017
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