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November 2016

Please enjoy our catalogue miscellany from November 2016!

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There’s more in our catalogiue page for December 2016.

#PCCOMEDIANmag! New from #Satiria! Amy Schumer! Political Correctness! UnJokes! Ed: @MrEwanMorrison. 30 Nov 2016
Indian court orders citizens to stand, salute & sing national anthem before defecating in the open. #satiria
#PURISTmag: For People Who Are Just Better Than Everyone Else. Corbyn! Kale! Moral Superiority! Ed: @MrEwanMorrison30 Nov 2016
NEW! #RIGHTSTYLEmag issue 1! Fashion done RIGHT! Richard Spencer! Ben Carson! Dabiq Chic! Guyliner! 25 Nov 2016
#SAFESPACEmag!! Uniting Social Justice, the Alt-Right & Islamsists thru Identity Politics! 24 Nov 2016
Fascista #2: Trump, Putin, Modi, Erdogan — 14 November 2016
Intersectional Feminism 101 #Trump
Trump With Laptop Babby
US Presidential Election Final Result: Russia 3–0 Saudi Arabia
Magic Porridge Pot
Monarchy: 8 Nov 2016



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