PHILOSOPHY — ‘Philox’ & ‘Postmodern’

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#PHILOXmag 4! Heidegger! Nihilism! Post-Truth! Satre! Hume! Free will for every reader! Philo diet: think thin! 2 Jan 2017
#PHILOXmag 3! Slavoj Žižek! waterboarding! Seduction! Broken eggs! #PostTruth! PC & racist bigotry! 13 Dec 2016
16 Oct 2016 - #PHILOX issue 2! With Philippe Sollers! Noam Chomksy! Postmodernism! Guest editor: : Micah Buchbinder
28 Sep 2016
25 Sep 2016 - Guest Editor: Benjamin David of Conatus News
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