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Satiria named world’s most reliable news source of all time

Melissa Zimdars, associate professor of communication and media at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, has declared Satiria to be the most trustworthy, most reliable news source of all time, with record accuracy scores of 110%.

Melissa Zimdars

Zimdars’ study of ‘False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Sources’ includes such clearly satirical publications as The Onion and Private Eye alongside serious news outlets including Breitbart and

Personal intern to the Editor-in-Chief of Satiria, Etta Bogey said:

We at Satiria take media literacy extremely seriously. People should be able to distinguish between fake news and real news by looking at the details of any story. It’s far too easy to dismiss news you don’t want to hear by assuming that it must be biased or false, and it’s even easier and arguably more dangerous to believe what you read simply because you’d like it to be true.

Clearly there is a problem when publishers deliberately set out to deceive the public, but we’re very happy to see that Mx Zimdars recognises the importance of satire in the public space, and also that everything that Satiria publishes is fact checked at least 37 times to ensure 110% accuracy.

Merrimack College, Massachusetts

Satiria’s success follows the award it received from Unesco in September 2016 for being the best Satirical Page in the world.

Satiria’s certificate for being the best Satirial page in the world

Satiria publishes a wide range of titles from bureaus in several countries including #SOCIALJUSTICE, #ALTRIGHT, #FILMCRITIC and #BHAKTI, and has been known to receive several “page impressions” per day.

Recent headlines include “Does your pet’s hallowe’en costume assume its gender?”, “Why ginger coverts have nothing to do with Islam” and “72 ways post-reality politics is perfect for right wing party leaders”.

“Social Justice” issue 18, from #Satiria

An email to Zimdar’s office seeking confirmation of this story had not been sent at the time of going to press.


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