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Social Justice — All the magazines you’d ever want to read!

#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 32! GAZI KODZO! Black Nazis! LG transphobia! MORE GUILT! Purging your friends!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag *31*! Rachel Dolezal! 1 in 5 already! Trans Identity! Patriarchy! Ableism! Please share & enjoy!!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 30! JOHN OLIVER! Not being horrible unless people disagree! No Offence! Sharia! Niqab!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 29! #MALALA! Canada / Pakistan special! Sharia! Please enjoy & share to end microagressions!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 28! Too important for democracy! Rasmea Odeh! #WomensMarch! De-colonization! Privilege! Gender!1!
#TRANSFUTUREmag! NEW! Genderfluid! Non-binary! Real women! Beards & penises! Ban Jenni Murray & “Gay” pride!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 27! @RubinReport’s a nazi! Jackboots! Sharia is feminist! Human Rights r white supremacy! SHARE!!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 26! Social Justice Realist Art! Take the no-white art pledge! Maoism! Punching Nazis! Plz Enjoy!!
#SOCIALJUSTICE 25! Yassmin Abdel-Magied! True Islam! De-colonizing! Impeach Trumpski! Free App! Plz enjoy & Share!
#PROTESTmag 4! BERKELEY! Genocide! Fascists! Antifa! Tolerance! CIVIL WAR! Free App: who to harass & punch! ENJOY!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 24! Fight Enlightenment Oppression! Talcum X! White Exclusion! De-colonize your fridge!
#PROTESTmag 3! Femen Trump Protest Special! Grab your own pussy! Annoy anti-feminists! SHARE to change the world!
#SEGREGATEmag 1! Social Justice must exclude wrong identities! Liberals for segregation! NO CIS-HET MEN! Plz SHARE!
#PROTESTmag 2! Trump Inauguration Protest! Secure Funding from SOROS! Protest Forever! Shut Up, White Women!
Model world citizen! Tougher than Putin! Signal, every time, every place everywhere!
#FATTERmag! New! Fat acceptance! Normalizing obesity! Fat at any weight! I ❤ My Body! Fat Lives Matter!
#PROTESTmag 1! For kids who just have to get angry! Violence! Fashion! Dating! Weathermen! Molotovs! 10 Jan 2017
#CRITICALTHEORYmag 1! Horkheimer Special! The new intellectual Journal for Social Justice! Editor: @MrEwanMorrison8 Jan 2017
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 23! FREE THE CHICAGO FOUR! Shaun King: Talcum X! 13 new gender identities! 6 Jan 2017
Sandra Kim #EverydayFeminism! #Ciswhitemen! #ToxicWhiteness! Progressive Sharia! 4 Jan 2017
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag 22! FAT LIVES MATTER! Dean Hutton! FLGBTQ+++! Patriarchy! A.F.A.B.! EAT! CISweight Fatphobes! 3 Jan 2017
#SOCIALJUSTICEMag 21! TREVOR NOAH special! For those who identify with all oppressed people! Opinion Checker App!!! 19 Dec 2016
NEW! #SJKIDS! For Social Justice Kids! Why Santa Marx’s clothes r *really* red! For Young Pioneers! 14 Dec 2016
#PRONOUNmag 1!! #Satiria! Fighting the CIStem! Milo Stewart! #CishetPatriarchy! Enjoy & share! ed: @MrEwanMorrison 14 Dec 2016
NEW! from #SATIRIA! #SJPARENTmag! №1 For Social Justice Parenting! Ed: @MrEwanMorrison! 13 Dec 2016
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag *20*!! With Nicholas Matte! No biological sex! Fight fascism! No questioning! 8 Dec 2016
22 Nov 2016: Protest Trump! CJ Werleman! Milo Stewart!
#SOCIALJUSTICEmag *18*! Sally Kohn! Lesbian-friendly Sharia! 72 ways Trump is Hitler! SAVE AMERICA!! 11 Nov 2016
2 November 2016
27 Oct 2016
20 Oct 2016
16 Oct 2016
10 Oct 2016
4 Oct 2016
1 Oct 2016
27 Sep 2016
Free Poster With Issue 11
23 Sep 2016
20 Sep 2016
18 Sep 2016
17 Sep 2016
13 Sep 2016




Satirical news, commentary and community

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Roger Dubar

Roger Dubar

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