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Introducing SATO, the Super Algorithmic Token — A better AMPL


As the cryptocurrency market has been settling for the past several years and is being accepted around the world. Many countries had to make laws and policies to regulate cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have emerged as the pioneers of cryptocurrencies, many other cryptocurrencies have also emerged over the years. All these cryptocurrencies we see today are known to be DeFi projects which promised the users high returns on staking. This model seems to be reliable if people are getting returns on staking but as soon as the mining limit is exhausted and the actual trading starts, the competition becomes tougher as there is always a chance to lose money. So, many companies started researching the stable coin, which has also become necessary to make this game fair and this is where SATO comes in.

Who are we?

Our goal at SATO is to provide people with equal dividends and make the game fairer through Stable Coin. Unlike other DeFi projects, where due to the continuous fluctuations, people lose their tokens impermanently due to the subjection of the price of that token to unilateral quotations. Many users faced problems while getting started in the world of crypto trading and many exchanges did not support their users as they were all failing. So, the need for Stable Coin and SATO comes in: everyone has a stake and a better chance at getting more successful.

What makes us unique?

So, we have incorporated many features in SATO which no other coin is offering. Not only that, but it is also the first stable coin to provide the fastest gas fee-free swap algorithm platform, allowing users more flexibility and control while using it. It’s a super easy-to-use platform. As it progresses, it will be shifted to layer 2 state solution from a centralized channel. The major advantage of this system is being so simple and easy to use; it would encourage cryptocurrency investors of all levels to invest in this product. Everyone from junior to senior cryptocurrency investors can invest easily. With all that being easy to use and flexible, SATO has become the first stable coin to adapt the AMPL algorithm with the liquidity pool launch.

So, before that, there was no concept of liquidity pool launch at the early stages while using the AMPL algorithm and users had to wait for longer periods, until they were able to get something out of it. With SATO doing it, this would provide an advantage to users, so they can enjoy more dividends at the early stages.

As time progresses, we are set to launch 1 Million SATO to the public, after they settle with the pending order exchanges this month and in the month of April, we have targeted to launch 4 Million SATO to the public in the form of APP and Layer2 Metamask.

This will benefit the users directly, especially those who are going to use it as the mining pools open as they will know that a certain amount of profit they make after mining each coin, as the total supply of SATO in the round of liquidity mining pool is 4 Million SATO. So, the division has been done in such an order that the 3 Million will be further divided into 900,000 SATO every fortnight until it reaches the limit and after that, every day a certain amount will be released.

Future Perspectives

With the growing market of cryptocurrency and the strategic location of the company on the map, there are no problems that could occur regarding the policy risks or regulations as the Government of Canada has embraced Cryptocurrency a long time ago. Also, we have a team of persons who have outstanding skills. So, there are no performance issues as the company has participated in the R&D of many applications and products and has many successful products. This product is the future of our company and has the potential to break the limitations of smart contracts.

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