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May 28 · 6 min read

In the past few years, the Blockchain ecosystem has relied on “Influencers” to market their project. Recently, we are seeing major players in the development community starting to offer marketing services, like Consensys.

Marketing is the science of engagement. The ability to capture attention and establishing a need for the service or product we seek to market.

There a countless way’s to establishing a marketing campaign. You have many Mediums of communication to choose from. Static, Media Broadcasting or Interactive venues are only some examples of the type of channels available to a marketer.

In the Blockchain/Crypto sphere, we have websites like 21crypto, Gecko and cointelegraph that offers static visibility. Influencers in the other hand use Social media and broadcasting. This still remains a static campaign that can become interactive. The visibility is acquired by the number of followers that will view the specific video or hear the podcast in question. Numbers have shown, that on average, only 35% of popular youtube channels followers actually watch their broadcast in the first 3 days. They can provide an influx of traffic in a short lapse of time but rapidly lose traction.

Traditional terms use in Online marketing are CPC and CPA. Cost Per Click was most popular in the 90’s, and gave way to Cost Per Acquisition. You also find companies with independent referral programs. Most referral programs have some type of Cost Per Acquisition system, meaning they pay an upfront cost for acquiring a new client referred by an affiliate. Like Coinbase offering 10$ if you refer a friend. You also have a revenue sharing referral program, like Binance Exchange Platform.

Now, all these types of marketing concept are good basic strategies any company could utilize, and should.

Marketing Firms Will Need To Adopt New Strategies

Satoshi Initiatives is changing the game in Marketing concepts, strategies, and operational structure. Blockchain provides tools and means. New channels of revenue are now accessible to Marketers that once was unthinkable.

Marketers need to acquire a vast amount of content to perform their duties properly. The more you know about your market, products, companies, a more successful marketer you will be. Yet, all that content, all that writing has no real financial value. That was true 5 years ago, not anymore. Different blockchains have developed Social platforms that reward Publishers Content without necessarily buying in your product, services or project. This has become a new stream of revenue never available prior to Blockchain technologies.

We have utilized this new stream of revenue and built an entire ecosystem around it. One that will benefit all three parties involved in a Marketing campaign, the consumer, product/services/project, and marketer.

In the past 3 Months, Satoshi Initiatives has been able to build a passive income stream for its publication on various Blockchain Topics. We then redistributed those funds within our Discord channel.

The Power of Discord as a Marketing Asset

We have also built a steady base of users in our Discord Server. This ecosystem in itself is extensive. Let’s break it down simply.

As a marketing firm, having a pool/list of “active participant” is essential. It is often used to offer customer trials and/or feedback campaigns and/or other such concepts of marketing. They require this quick access to a pool of people.

Discord is an interactive contact list of potential buyers, testers and active members are our disposals. We knew the secret of the sauce was, keeping the Server active with steady growth. We have achieved those objectives and surpass some expectations. Like calling an audience on a switch of a dime.

We use several tool and strategies to keep our discord server active. The very first was keeping the channel extremely clean and professional. When entering the Server, only one channel appears that indicates Rules, Code of Conduct and how disciplinary actions are taken. This also assures our Customers that the content published in our Server is compliant to normal standards of practices. We have had several testimonials of how people enjoy our polite and friendly ecosystem.

They do have an incentive to obey the rules. We shower our members with Ether from our passive income discussed earlier. With the help of DiscordTip bot, we Airdrop, Tip, Reward Active Users and offer faucets all in Ether. To be able to claim an airdrop, you must be online and react to the bot, meaning, be active. A daily budget of 2–3$ a day in various form of Ether giveaway has kept our server active throughout the entire 24hrs cycle.

Rules of Engagement

Our official launch is May 31st, 2019.

Last week, we did a few marketing testing campaign. BattleRacers was revealing to us as Marketers with their launching of a presale event.

We choose BattleRacers as one of our test campaign for its level of difficulty for us. We had mostly marketed the Artistical scene of Non Fungible Tokens and barely had gamers in our Server. What we did know, is we could call an audience with a single and very cheap strategy. We had success with this type of concept and campaign with several NFT Artist and Online Courses Offering.

Airdrops in our Server is a bot command that allows us to give X amount of Ether for X amount of time. For example, we Airdrop on average a quarter an hour for 10 minutes per airdrop. Members can choose to receive notifications, and each Airdrop will ping them. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Those peeks in the graph, of 200 messages per hour or more, are what we call Lightning rounds. Airdrops(up to 10 of them)of 2 pennies for 10 seconds. Members have 10 seconds to react and share the pool of 2 cents once time expires.

Single airdrops will see about 10–15% of our pool members react within 10 seconds. When we do a lightning round, those numbers are 60–70%. After the lightning round has ended, the server stays active on average for another 10–15 minutes, then slowly decreasing in messages per hour.

With 20 cents, we were able to capture 70% of our audience on cue, every time. When BattleRacers 1st day of sale started, we used our referral link and our Discord channel to test the waters. We started with one lightning round at 8am, and did 4 more during the day. Budget for audience: 1$. We also utilized twitter, but the majority of that following is also our Discord members. We sold 12 Crates of Parts for BattleRacer opening launch, ranging in price from $8–$175 with a 10% return per sale.

What’s remarkable about lightning round campaigns, members love it. We often see other members use their own funds for airdrops to continue the “atmosphere” it creates within the server. The activity it generates has provided us valuable quantitative input that will allow us to distinguish ourselves from any other Marketing Firm on the Blockchain.

This publishing was again to give an insight into who we are, and what we do. We will share more aspects of our Firm in future publications, within the context that we cannot divulge all our marketing strategies to keep our edge against competitors. Feel free to contact us for any, small or large, marketing needs. We can accommodate any budget.

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Growth Firm for Blockchain Innovations

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