Building Satoshis Games #5

The fifth article of a monthly development blog series

Carlos Roldan
Satoshi's Games
4 min readJan 28, 2019


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Lightning Competitions 🏰
Testnet release ready 🔋
Lightning Accounts ⚡️

Lightning Competitions

We have created a ticketing service to play competitions. Now, users can go to the marketplace and buy a ticket in advance to join a tournament. Tournaments are initially once a week, and each tournament lasts for 24 hours. We came up with a draft for the first tournaments. It is important to consider that these rules are still under early construction.

Tournament draft — Satoshis.Games

After a user buys a ticket at the marketplace can see a Tournament button in the sidebar between Play and Profile. When the tournament has started, the user can enter the competition by exchanging your ticket. Once in the tournament, you can see the rules again, access Satoshis.Games Discord channel, view the online players who compete and check the tournament rank.

Tournament View— Satoshis.Games

Lightning Accounts

We want to filter the access to have a quality user base. Therefore, we have created a Lightning (only) Account system.

Differences between Users and Guests

Play free games 🎮

Premium avatar 👹
Marketplace access 🛍
Play free games & lightning-enabled games⚡️🎮
See your score 🏰

Guest View — Satoshis.Games

By default guests (non-registered users) have and identicon as an avatar profile picture which is continually changing to not have permanency as an identity within Satoshis.Games. Also, guest users can not see their score in games. Non- registered users can not play Lightning games. This implementation filters the quality users within Satoshis.Games and directly to our Tournaments. Guest users can not play tournaments.

How to register an account in Satoshis Games

Account Registration — Satoshis.Games

Users using Joule extension — Free
Every user with the web extension Joule connected to their node can register seamlessly.

Users using a Lightning Wallet — 1000 satoshis
Every user with a Lightning wallet can make a payment to create an account at easily. Alternatively, we are implementing the LNURL-RFC standard to allow digital signature authentication using Lightning wallets. This implementation is under early development and will provide easy account creation like Joule users.


Recently we have updated the marketplace to have a combination of the standard BTCPay Server payment gateway and our custom invoices directly from our Lightning node. We have added 2 digital services and 1 physical product to our marketplace.

Lightning Stickers by Satoshis.Games

The first service is the competition ticket. This product allows users to compete in the tournament against other players as commented before. The initial price for the tournaments is 50 000 satoshis.

The second service is a custom avatar selection. Custom avatars create distinction along the users, especially in the leaderboard and in the tournaments. There are 3 types of custom avatars to buy — male, female and identicon avatars — when selecting the custom avatar each one is randomly generated. The initial price for the custom avatar selection is 500 satoshis.

Premium Avatars — Satoshis.Games

We have added a lightning sticker pack into our marketplace. We made some custom designs about Lightning Network. We intend to ship this pack as soon as we exit testnet. We estimate 2 weeks without no issues reported in testnet are enough to start the rolling on mainnet.

Testnet Release

We have completed a milestone to release enough features to enter the testing period of our platform. Now, it is time to jump into Satoshis.Games and test as much as possible our newest features. We are so close to our mainnet release.\

Exit Competition in Tournament View — Satoshis.Games


We have also improved the UX in the platform by adding more visual content, notifications and updating entries in our FAQ section.

Import Account in Preferences — Satoshis.Games
Export Account in Preferences — Satoshis.Games