How to Earn Bitcoin while Playing Super Bro

Super Mario based game

Carlos Roldan
Satoshi's Games


Create an Account

Access to Satoshis.Games and click on account or the identity icon on the left sidebar.

This will pop up a modal with the features of having an account.

Now you have 3 options:

  • Connect. This option allows the user to create an account using the web browser extension Lightning Joule.
  • Import. Importing an account from a previously registered user.
  • Create an account. If you do not have Lightning Joule then buy an account for 1000 satoshis (Less than 0.05$).

Create an account

This shows up a payment request to pay. We use PoP (Proof of Payment) to validate user creation. When the user has paid, the website reloads the session with the new logged account.

Play Super Bro

Next, we go to Play and in the tab named lightning, we found a few games including Super Bro.

We click play and a modal shows up with details about the game rules. We click play again.

We are on a page where we see the game in a static square and with the following options above it:

  • Buy 1 Live. This ensures if we die in the game our game does not end. It is recommended to buy a few lives before starting each world. Especially after world 2. When you buy 1 live the world restarts, which means if you are in the middle of world number 4 and you decide to buy a few lives, you start world number 4 again. 1 live cost 1000 satoshis.
  • Cash out satoshis. This is an informative button. There are 5 worlds to complete the game. End the game to cash out the satoshis collected. Each world is more difficult, so make sure you do not die or have extra lives purchased.
  • Buy 1 World. This speeds up the game by warping the user 1 world. Every user starts in world number 0. If you buy 1 world you start directly in world 1. If you buy another world you start now in world 2 … 1 World cost 2500 satoshis.
  • Buy Multiplier. When you buy a multiplier you pick up 2 satoshis instead of 1. Multiply by 2 your satoshis in every world as far as you don’t die. It costs 7000 satoshis.

Now it is your time to play and cash out the satoshis. There are a few constants yo bear in mind to maximize your game experience, and thus, your satoshis collected:

  1. Difficulty. The harder the level is enemies get stronger and spawn more frequently. World 1/5 is extremely easy compared with World 5/5
  2. Time. There is 70 second to complete the level. Do not let that hodler greediness of you make it pick up all of the satoshis without checking the time. The time is displayed at the top right side of the game screen.

End the Game

When you finish the game in World 5/5 and press S to start, then you see The Queen Miss Satoshi Nakamoto! And the satoshis collected in the game are withdrawn to your account balance.

Cash Out your satoshis

We strongly recommend you to withdraw your satoshis. Withdraw your funds as frequently as possible. Be the sovereign individual. But above all, have fun😉

Go to profile to check your account balance and withdraw it.

Now click on Withdraw. You have the option to manually paste an invoice request with the same amount as your balance or automatically withdraw the balance using Lightning Joule.

If you experience any issue while doing this please, do not hesitate on letting us know in our Telegram group or Discord channel where we are highly active.