Building Satoshis Games #3

Carlos Roldan
Dec 2, 2018 · 4 min read

The third article of a monthly development blog series




Open beta released to the public🔓
The Legend of Satoshi game ready to play🎮
Lightning-powered games are nearly here⚡️

Open Beta

Hurray! We believe we have a minimum viable platform where users can play with an attractive UI and a nice gaming experience. Our previous version was a simple prototype to test how the community reacts to lightning games, and it was such as great response and feedback. However, we are still very buggy…

We are giving open access and we would love to receive any feedback about our progress. We have added a direct communication to our telegram group to report bugs, ideas, and feedback. We have also removed the friend’s section as we will delegate this to our discord server and we have added our new logo to this version.

navigational menu —


The Legend of Satoshi

We have completed the story of this games with many jokes related to the current crypto situation. We have added various characters in the game to create a bigger community engagement. We can find Hal Finney, Nick Szabo or Jameson Lopp as well as a few easter eggs. Those names are just a few but the list is endless.

We are still figuring out how to implement lightning in this game, in case lightning fits the nature of this gaming experience.


Game ready to play. No lightning yet but it is fun anyways. There is a lot of room for improvement that is why we would love to know your feedback.

Bcraft —


After an exhaustive test of using lightning under the simnet to buy new lives in super-bro, we are moving forward to create withdrawals in-game for winners API. Also, we have created our first BTCPay Server for testing lightning payments. We are convinced this tool will be a seamless payment gateway for the user.

Payment gateway for Super Bro —

In terms of lightning games development, we feel we are very close to finishing the lightning integration on super bro and we hope to release it on the next update. Lightning games in are nearly here!


We are working tirelessly on creating the team pools for the competition game mode. We came up with an impressive 3D style animation for entering in the tournament. However, due to our current development situation, we are taking more than we expected on having this functionality working stable.

Competition screen —

FAQ section

We have implemented a simple FAQ section in which users can have a brief idea of what we intend to build, and how to use the platform for a better user experience. We plan to add more answered questions in this section according to our roadmap.


New UI buttons

We decided our buttons to play the game were too dull. So we created more excellent buttons for playing the game for free and to access the competition style.

New UI for gaming buttons —

Authentication via LN

Testing, Researching, Testing…

We are planning an onboarding promotion: Open a channel with our lightning Node. Get 100 satoshis for free (only for the first 200 channels). In website within the settings section, click to Connect Node ID. We have not implemented a fully functional authentication yet. But we are watching closely lightning joule to use as a seamless authentication method via digital signature

Submit a Game

We have achieved a basic form for users who might be interested in uploading games to We love open sourced and blockchain related games. However, there is no restriction on games which are not open sourced or blockchain related. We want to facilitate the service of distributing games with no fees. We do not intend to charge game developers to list their games in our platform. We would also like to provide an API access for web games as well as provide assistance with the new unity API from BTCPayserver.

Submit a game section —

User Management — Admin panel

We have started to implement an admin panel to manage users easily from our website. This feature is only for admin users. This feature has no priority compared with other features such as lightning games or lightning authentication.

Admin Panel —

Satoshi's Games

We're on a mission to build a better gaming experience where technology creates an equal access and user experience for everyone.

Carlos Roldan

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Satoshi's Games

We're on a mission to build a better gaming experience where technology creates an equal access and user experience for everyone.

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