Satoshium: Minted Bitcoin

We are pleased to announce a new project Satoshium that reinvents physical bitcoin as something easily transferable between strangers.

Basically we are seeking to capture the experience of precious metals coins, with bitcoin. We believe in the moon (million dollar bitcoin) and that means that bitcoin is cheap now. We would like to see regular folks, dentists and lawyers and plumbers scooping it up and enjoying price appreciation, rather than bitcoin being some nerd money that only creates generational wealth among the techno financial elite.

My partner Thomas and I have been bitcoin holders since 2011 and have onboarded many different people in many different ways. Web wallets, phone wallets, hardware wallets.

We found the onboarding process surprisingly difficult even with technically sophisticated users.

With naive users there really was no way to do onboarding without them trusting us.

Out of this experience was born Satoshium.

We have a whitepaper that describes the most important concepts. There is a heavy focus on usability and also some novel security mechanisms.

We are seeking feedback for our whitepaper, collaborators, and funding.

Please get in touch if you have any feedback or would like to participate in other ways.

White Paper: