Satowallet as crypto’s finest Multi-Assets Exchange App has strive through all odds to become bigger and stronger. One of our goals is to make the App easier for use. As we continue to expand, we want to create more ways for our active users worldwide to become part of our progress and to help us achieve our goals.

At Satowallet, we want to create a medium where most knowledgeable and firsthand users of the app can be involved in making it more effortless and facile for new users.

By doing this, Satowallet would be able to increase its scope of usage worldwide and bring the knowledge of the App to the doorstep of the public.

Introducing Satorones our very own Helper System. At Satowallet we are currently enrolling volunteers to serve as Satorone who would chaperone and assist new users of our ever growing community.

Roles of a Satorone

1. Help new users use the platform.

2. Reply users’ questions and comments.

3. Beta test future versions of the Satowallet App and give relevant feedback(s) and suggestion(s) that will make the app better.

4. Be proactive; bring up proposed ideas and suggestions for online and offline events/hangouts detailing the concept you wish to pass the message of Satowallet to users in your city or locality. This can include the venue, time and event ads as well as a proposed budget.

5. Help interpret and proofread content.

6. Provide Satowallet with users feedback and suggestions.

Benefits of being a Satorone

1. SATORONES will receive compensations Monthly in SATOS.

2. Receive invitations to company events.

3. Receive special access to members of the Satowallet team.

4. Receive invitations to Satowallet meet-ups.

5. Provide feedback and suggestions to the company.

6. Receive special giveaways exclusively made for Satorones (0% Trading Fee).

To become a SATORONE fill Google Form. Register Here

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