What is Satowallet Jiff Trade?

Trading Cryptocurrency makes the “Lambo” dream easy to actualize, It’s also very easy to loose a lot in Cryptocurrency trading due to the high and ever increasing volatility of Crypto assets, worst-off when trading without speed, especially when you’re a newbie.

Introducing JIFF TRADE, the safest and fastest way to trade even as a newbie. So the “Lambo” dreams stand a better chance of been actualized.

JIFF TRADE is a new innovation of Satowallet Exchange. JIFF TRADE is aimed at establishing an improvised means to trade safer and faster. With Satowallet JIFF TRADE, Users can now easily purchase/ Swap between supported lists of cryptocurrencies or even Fiat.

Here is a quick “HOW TO” illustration on how to use JIFF TRADE

  1. Create / Log into your Satowallet account.

2. Clock the Toggle bar at the top left corner to reveal App Menu

3. Select Jiff Trade to begin

4. Enter your choice of coin to Exchange (Asset with Balance) and coin to Receive (Asset to get in return)

5. swipe down and authorize the trade by clicking “Trade Now”

Congratulations You Just Jiffed!!!