Pursuit of Every Dream Must Start with a Vision

Y.M. Saegusa
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5 min readJun 12, 2021

My multi-year plan for achieving my goals and objectives

The pursuit of every dream must start with a vision. Without a vision of your goals, your dream will remain but a mirage in the distance. You know it's there, but you haven’t a clue how to grasp it or why you pursue it, to begin with.

You see this often. People mindlessly chase money and wealth in pursuit of their dream of riches without having a tangible reason why. And after having secured their dream of riches, they experience nothing but misery, unhappiness, and unfulfillment. All they’ve done is join the rat race.

If one is unable to succinctly describe their vision and why they are pursuing their dream, they probably lack a clear sense of purpose. They see the lives of others and think that's what they want. They probably just want to keep up with the Joneses. They believe that material possessions will make them happy. It may work for some, but that life is not for me.

I’ve always been a contrarian and liked to do things unconventionally. Though I understand the importance of money and wealth to a certain extent, I also believe that after a sufficient level of quality of life has been achieved, happiness or life satisfaction does not increase from that point on due to increased levels of wealth. If the pursuit of wealth and money is what floats your boat, read no further, this article really isn’t for you.

If it's not abundantly evident by now, my dream is not the pursuit of money or riches. It is incongruent with my life values. Then, what exactly is my dream?

My dream is to own a homestead. A couple of acres will do.

But what exactly is my vision? Why do I pursue this dream?

I envision engaging in environmentally sustainable and responsible practices for land stewardship. I want to grow food for the family and share the bounty of the harvest with the community to which my family ultimately decides to settle. I want to raise farm animals but do so with humane and sustainable animal husbandry practices.

When I wake in the morning, I want to do so with birds chirping and roosters crowing and not to the sounds of city traffic or aircraft landing at a nearby airport.

Y.M. Saegusa

Advocate for regenerative agriculture and environmentally sustainable living. Future homestead owner. Editor of https://medium.com/satoyama