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Bitcoin Closes In On $50K After Tesla Announces $1.5B Purchase!

In retrospect, it was inevitable.

  • Tesla announced $1.5B Bitcoin purchase
  • Mastercard discussing crypto support
  • PayPal is bringing crypto to the UK via its Venmo app
  • $2 Trillion Banking Giant BNY Mellon plans to custody Bitcoin
  • Twitter CFO indicates that Bitcoin is on their radar

What we saw at the desk

For all the reasons above, this week was insanely busy. While everyone got to sit back and enjoy the Bitcoin pump, we were doing everything we could to keep our heads above water. I’m proud to say that the hard work and long hours paid off and we were able to maintain the highest standard of customer service and order execution that our valued clients deserve.

What do you get when you mix a Saylor with a Musk?

Other than copious amounts of controversial progressiveness — pure brilliance.

In case you missed it…

Privacy. Security. Best Price Execution.



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