AI Saturdays Tarragona


Co Founder — Tarragona Lead

Miguel Guerrero is the co-founder of AI Saturdays and Tarragona Leader. Former Microsoft consultant, he currently works for a multinational company. Great passion for Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Social Projects. In the beautiful coastal city of Tarragona, he organized the first edition of AI Saturdays Summer 2018 with great success.


Marianna Polini met Miguel during the first AI Saturdays edition in Tarragona, she immediately loved the philosophy of “democratizing artificial intelligence” that joined the team. Strong economic background and great passion for new technologies, statistics and data analysis, is considered the Data Science of the group! Especially she loves apply AI to the business camp!


Santiago Frias is the most technological of the group (we say the most “nerd”), a big knowledge in the computer and electronics camp. He works in a multinational company, he is defined as the Great Expert in Artificial Intelligence! He participates in numerous projects of great social impact and collaborates with many institutions. If you have a problem, call Santi who will solve it!

First Edition of AI Saturdays Tarragona Summer 2018
16th of Feb 2019  Local Tarragona Newspaper talks about us
8th of Feb 2019 —Workshop Artiificial Intelligence “AI4All” — IMET Tarragona
21th of Feb — Interview “ Cooppel for Peace” round table with new projects at the Ateneu Tarragona
22th of Feb, Workshop “Artificial Intelligence in Business” at BASF Española Tarragona