General partnership. Swap in Saturn Platform

The Saturn team is pleased to announce the conclusion of an agreement with the general infrastructure partner — the project, the team of developers of the atomic exchange protocol Swap for cryptoactive assets.
In the framework of collaboration, it is planned to create the Saturn Platform infrastructure based on the Swap protocol. Further development of Saturn exchange services involves secure P2P transactions for thousands of crypto players.

Dmitriy Zykov (Saturn Black), Alexandr Noxon (Swap Online), Vladimir Nikulshin (Saturn Black)

The views of our teams are similar: we are convinced that the delegation of the functions of a third party to smart contracts, will help secure over-the-counter transactions, and in the future, exchange transactions.

For full use of the opportunities, inherent in the technology of atomic exchange, markets jointed to Swap, need liquidity. The idea of the Saturn team’s “liquidity token” is to transform low liquid crypto assets into the liquidity of assets demanded by the community.
In other words, Saturn expands existing markets by shifting the focus to over-the-counter exchange of assets, the volumes of which cannot participate in the transactions of existing markets without damage to the price. The idea of Saturn also involves the supply of assets liquidity, that for some reason did not appear on the exchanges, but at the same time the community wants to make transactions with these assets. The final list of trading instruments inside Saturn will largely depend on the needs of crypto players in certain markets. That’s why the first direction of exchange on which our efforts are focused is over-the-counter transactions and an auction.



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