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#FreeGame For New Musicians Looking To Break In The Industry!

I spent years doing music marketing & being a journalist & many artists hit me up to get them on the biggest and best sites, blogs, platforms etc thinking they just gonna snap, crackle & pop.

Thing is I can get artists on some pretty huge platforms, but its not the best look if you haven’t laid the groundwork ahead of time. Its possible that you may not be accepted as well as if you already have a decent status and buzz. As an artist in 2022, YOU NEED FANS! They dictate your value & how you move in this game!Building your audience & brand before hitting major outlets is needed to make that investment work for you.

These brands/outlets have worked long and hard to build themselves up to what they are now. Most don’t take risks bringing artists without some type of buzz, you MUST gain traction, and exposure on your own before going for the biggest and best platforms.

If you get accepted on a platform but no one watching knows you or has ever heard of you your chances of success from that are much lower. Don’t take a chance of wasting your budget by trying to skip the proper process. Keep striving & saucing giving the world greatness!


SauceFromVeliTV is a Multimedia platform that offers services that support rising talent in emerging Hip-Hop and R&B or other genres. Whether you are trying to discover the next rising artist or trying to find a playlist that suits any situation, WE HERE! Album Reviews & More!

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