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The Music Industry Is A Business

Understand the Music Industry is a Business…. and you don’t win in Business using your emotions, you win with Numbers! I know a lot won’t like this, but why even try to go into business with no business P=plan and no resources???

You want a team? Then you need to be able to pay them. Other than that, you want a bunch of people to work to help your career while they lose time, and cannot be fairly…




SauceFromVeliTV is a music & entertainment blog, that offers services that support rising talent in emerging Hip-Hop and R&B or other genres. Whether you are trying to discover the next rising artist or trying to find a playlist that suits any situation, WE HERE

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Founder @SauceFromVeliTV Journalist & Creative Marketer - Talking Music + more @ & a few other publications. SAUCING THINGS UP! Paving a way

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