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A lot has happened since we minted on December 20th, 2022. Our 3-phase reveal gained tremendous attention from the space leading us to the #4 trending and top rankings on OpenSea multiple days throughout January; something we are truly grateful to have achieved.

To accompany this early success we’ve also crossed the 1,000 ETH secondary sales, earning us a verification with OpenSea in just 30 days.

While these 2 stats are not barometers for success, we share them to reassure you that we are a serious project and we’re here for the long-term.

AI Meets Web3

As we’ve highlighted in discord, twitter and on several spaces, we are an art and lore focused project (not “utility”) so our actions are aligned with building in this direction.

The first phase is the rollout of our AI characters, integrating a new technology into web3; something that has never been done before. So far, it is proving to be fun and engaging with our community as we bring our characters to life and give them a personality (something that has also never been done across an entire NFT collection).

Orbital Corp Actives AI Naoko
Orbital Corp Activates AI Rascal

These character activations are a result of Orbital (evil scary bad guys) injecting life into our 10 unique fighters. For more info on each character visit our discord channel #lore

We will share more about our AI characters in another article but for now, they are in their infancy learning stage and over time you’ll see just what they’re capable of. More on this soon.

The Next Phase

What fun is a lore-centric project without mystery.

Well that’s exactly what has been brewing in the background since our (optional) cartridge reveal.

So far you’ll discover 3 teases on Twitter:

Tease #1

Tease #2

Tease #3

Tease #4

After her early morning training session with Goji, Naoko is chilling in downtown Arcadia. She is checking with the fighters to see what’s the move for the day. Suddenly her phone vibrates and…. [REDACTED]

Can you guess what is coming to Savage Nation next? Tag us on Twitter @savagenationnft with your guesses.

Here’s one hint that isn’t really a hint but will get your juices flowing…

Every thing in Arcadia has a purpose.

We’ve seen NFT projects do things for the sake of it or because another project did something cool, but the way we’re different is that everything we bring will have a purpose in the Savage Nation world.

Every decision and action is deliberate and each builds upon the next so the question is, will you participate or will you be left behind?

If you’re new here and want to be a part of what’s coming, select your character or gamble a cartridge reveal here.

Experience our “gas-less” cartridge reveal and discover more hidden traits in the Savage Nation!


Let’s face it, many of you reading this came for the art. You vibed with Madkobra’s style and our 10 unique characters enough to mint or grab one (or more) on the secondary market; which we are extremely grateful for.

Madkobra, although new to the web3 space is no stranger to his craft. His 15 years working as a concept artist has seen him work with some of the most notable brands including: Nintendo, Discord and Fortnite.

Madkobra’s 15+ years of experience has produced work for Nintendo, Discord and Fornite.

His exceptional style is unique and comes from inspiration across many pop culture references including anime, manga and movies from the 80/90s.

Check out a few of his character inspiration tweets:

In honour of Madkobra’s talent, he is curating content on Twitter sharing more about the maestro artist himself.

Follow Madkobra (@Madkobra5000) on Twitter and discover more about his journey as an artist.

Use #MadkobraMonday on Twitter and share your favourite pieces of his work or your Savage Nation army on a Monday.

Leading Savage Nation with a world class artist was again, intentional for what we aspire to build and we hope that you can continue to support Madkobra and all the exciting things we have planned, centred around his artistic style.

Building Behind The Scenes

Not everything about building a brand is sexy, especially in a space that is extremely hard to capture and hold attention, and especially true in the current climate where the people that are still here are the true believers (you).

The behind-the-scenes work that goes into building Savage Nation is nothing short of hard work — we live the “Savage” Nation brand.

Currently, we have a full-time dedicated team of 10 people with 3 people part-time and recently hired marketing and communications pro, Lee (@nftxlee) to push our brand forward now that we have concluded our mint and reveal stage.

Lee is currently working with leadership team, YY (@0x_yy) and Slide (@yeezyslide) to deliver a robust and innovative marketing strategy that engages the community at large and expands the reach of Savage Nation.

We understand the value of community and are taking time to refine our strategy so that it aligns with our goals and future vision.

In addition, we have hired 2 full-time members who form our “community leadership” team responsible for cultivating our discord community. This isn’t a quick or easy task as we appreciate building a strong community takes time but that is part of our commitment and why we have hired members to take on that responsibility.

Last week we hosted our first-ever community movie night, this weekend we have a marble games night as part of our newly weekend community events as we believe a strong community should be a fun community so come by and join in on the fun.

We have had some incredibly helpful and supportive holders provide us with invaluable feedback, words or encouragement and ideas which we take very seriously. Their commitment to content creation, community engagement and admiration for Savage Nation never goes unnoticed and we always do our best to show our community appreciation on Twitter and discord.

If you are a community member and have ideas you’d like to propose, use the #suggestions channel in discord. Every valuable idea gets discussed during our weekly team meetings but of course we’ll only implement what makes sense for where we want to take the brand so please be patient.

Alternatively if you just want to join forces, tag us on twitter tag @savagenationnft or #LFS and tell us how you live the Savage Nation brand. For those of your hardcore Savages tag team member Kashi (@nft_kashi) on Twitter to join the Twitter raid private group chat.

As we expand our character lore on Twitter we have been hosting regular art and lore contests giving away NFT prizes for community members. We want to give back as much as we can and reward talented members so keep your eyes peeled for more while we activate our AI characters throughout February and March.

Oh and one last special surprise for Chinese New Year, we created a special !CNY trait for our holders to download and overlay their favourite Savage Nation NFTs. This is just the start of us expanding our global reach and engaging with the many special communities across the world.

Overlay our custom CNY special trait on your favorite Savage Nation NFT!

To add on to that point, our team meet and talk daily. Yes, 7 days a week we are talking, discussing, strategising and implement behind the scenes even if you don’t “see” things happening on the front end.

If you’ve ever planted a seed to watch a flower grow, they’re not so exciting to see. But they are synthesising sunlight, absorbing nutrients and eventually they bloom. Savage Nation isn’t a flower but there are things you won’t see (just like any successful business) that moves the needle forward, but eventually we will “bloom” and during those periods you’ll see what we’re working on.

As part of the “boring stuff” you don’t see, our first value to full set holders will be announced in the next development phase. We know who you are and we’ve gotchu. Like we said, everything has a purpose so hold tight for what’s coming next.

TLDR; We are working extremely hard DAILY to build what we promised; an art and lore centric project.

Check out our #team channel is discord to learn more about our All-star team.

Flexing 30-Day Stats

Here’s a quick showreel of our first 30-Day stats:

Revealed vs. Unrevealed: 5707 revealed, 2070 unrevealed

Holders: 1730

Ranking: Rank 53 in the last 30 days

Secondary Sales: 3662 ETH

What’s Next?

In short, less talk and more action. At the end of the day we are Savage by nature, people that push forward, do the work and let the results speak for themselves. We have an incredible community who see this and our focus is pushing forward with our web3 experiences and push the boundaries of what it means to be a web3-first project.

That said, we are exploring how web2 can be integrated and will continue to have conversations and meetings with what that might look like in the future. This is a slow burn but something we’re always thinking about and excited to explore when the time is right.

We have more fun community engagements coming, including prizes and giveaways to reward those who participate and support the brand. Our art and lore contests will continue each week with the activation of each AI character.

The official “Savage Spaces” will be kicking off on Twitter soon. This will be a multi-purpose show between the team, holders, key communities and part of us finding our voice, connecting with people and keeping our valued community up to date with our development.

Last but not least, the teases will lead you somewhere. Our entire team is currently working on the mechanics and all the intricacies of how it will look/ feel/ be but we are really excited to share more on this when it’s live.

That’s it for our Jan updates and progress since phase 3 reveal. We’ll continue to keep you updated as and when it’s right to detail everything in this long form content, in addition to our spaces so hopefully you have enough reassurance to ride this wave with us into the future.

As a reminder, this is all in the space of just 1 MONTH and we’ve achieved far more than many projects have in 6 months. We have a world class team and hope that this update alone has given you a high level view of what we’ve done so far and our ambitions. We won’t stop pushing.

Less talk, more work. See you in the next one Savages 👊



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