Letter to the editor.

In “A Change of Heart About Animals” we see Jeremy Rifkin tells us that scientific research shows that animals aren’t that different from us than we may think. I couldn’t agree more. Me being a pet owner I have always known that animals are emotional intelligent creatures like us. I found the studies about the pigs craving human attention heart-warming because it’s hard to read that those animals who crave attention and play-time don’t receive any at all.

Animals are intelligent creatures, we cannot deny that. They deserve rights. They deserve to be respected as we would like. These creatures have feelings. They feel as we do.

Damien L

Letter to the Editor

Re “A Change of Heart About Animals”: All the appreciation goes to Jeremy Rifkin, practicing empathy with other creatures is a must. When we analyze the outstanding facts on animal intelligence and feeling, for example Koko the Gorilla scoring 70–95 on human IQ tests, it is clear to many Americans can see how similar animals think and have the abilities that we have.

The horrific way that we treat animals is an outdated practice. Time after time academic research studies have proved the fact that animals have feelings, just like we do. These creatures crave attention, they crave love. They feel, bleed and make social connections. Animals are not that different from us. Being empathetic toward them is only a start to changing the way we treat our planet mates. At the very least, animals should be given social time and space to thrive. Animals cannot be caged within and crowded any longer, let alone be killed for meat.

Cheyenne W

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