Letter to the Editor: “A Change of Heart about Animals”

In Jeremy Rifkin’s, “A Change of Heart about Animals,” Rifkin argues that science has proven animals have the ability to feel just as us humans. I agree with the author due to profounding evidence prevailed in the reading. I found it very interesting that a study of brain chemistry in rats revealed that the brains release large amounts of dopamine, a neurochemical associated with pleasure and excitement in humans. Also, observations show elephants will stand near their dead family for days, and occasionally touch bodies with their trunks.

Although this research is presented to readers in the article, many feel as though Rifkin should of extended his argument due to the fact that animals are still suffering in the sense of keeping them in cages to use for clothing or food. People believe to give animals the uttermost respect they deserve with the ability to feel that they do we need to become vegans and eliminate experimentation. People see this as a way to live in tranquility with our fellow mammals.

Addison Newton