Letter to the editor in response to “Return to the Teenage Brain”

Much thanks to Richard A. Friedman for showing us credible information on neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to form new neural connections and be environment influenced. I found the fact that “musical training before the age of 6 is important in the acquisition of absolute pitch”, and that “musical training that begins after age 9 yields acquisition of absolute pitch” sort of overwhelming. I began taking piano lessons in 9th grade, so in those terms it means that I will definitely not acquire the ability of absolute pitch, and that makes me feel hopeless and good at nothing. When will society give up on being so negative, and start to have hope in others who need it?

However, Friedman takes his argument even farther. He focuses it on the advancement on neuroplasticity, where people can turn back the clock in the brain and recapture its earlier plasticity. That means that adults would be able to pick up the most difficult thing relatively easily like how young people can, and this can also result in traumas that we want to forget to become even more vivid. Although, it seems like a very nice experiment on trying to turn back the brain to the past. I rather not contain vivid memories that I dislike. Let’s free ourselves from the past, and continue on the future path with no regrets.

-Chelcey D.

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