Save Environment Token — An Initiative for Saving Humanity

Save Environment Token — An Initiative for Saving Humanity

In this world where everyone is chasing after money, there’s a platform which takes an alternative approach. Instead of focusing efforts on generating profits, SET is dedicated toward saving humanity and the environment as a whole.

SET plans to achieve this by issuing a cryptocurrency token. This token is called Save Environment Token (SET) and offers a multitude of benefits to its users.

The technological advances that we have achieved in the past century have completely transformed the way we work, travel and play. The industrial revolution gave us mass-produced products such as gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles that have revolutionised the way we commute.

Though this has resulted in taking our species forward, it has also led to the accumulation of industrial waste, environmental pollution, and other toxic substances on our planet. There is an urgent need for solutions that will help us remedy these problems is an effective manner.

Air pollution has also been a growing concern as cities like Hong Kong, China, and New Delhi, India experienced toxic smog build-up. Incidents like these cause extreme harm to all living things on our planet.

SET aims to remedy this using several innovative solutions.

They offer Wardwizard Joy e-bike, an eco-friendly vehicle designed for Public Bike Sharing (PBS) systems. This e-bike runs on electricity and offers location tracking using GPS. As people use the bike, they can track and share their daily progress. What’s more, SET rewards you for saving the environment by issuing SET tokens.

These tokens can be used to purchase other green products. The company has announced that it will extend its technology and support for third-party manufacturers as well. This will allow users a plethora of products to choose from.

SET’s solid waste management system is another revolutionary model which aims at solving our planet’s waste management problem.

The company also offers indoor bikes, air pollution controllers and other sources for renewable energy. Their multi-pronged approach is promising at reducing global pollution levels and making Earth a habitable place for future generations.




SET addresses today's environmental pollution concerns by reducing the carbon footprint by providing a means of transportation with zero emissions.

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Save Environment Token (SET)

Save Environment Token (SET)

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