Save Environment Token is Geared Towards Saving Our Planet

Save Environment Token is Geared Towards Saving Our Planet

SET’s (Save Environment Token) foundation is laid on reducing the environmental pollution and it’s hazards. It’s not focused on commercial gains, but to protect and serve the environment. This noble cause of saving humanity requires a strong will and unflinching commitment.

Though a lot of measures have been taken to curb pollution, there is still a long way to go. There are still millions of users who are not aware of their impact on the environment. Save Environment Token aims to remedy this using their unique platform. SET is determined to save the environment so that we can provide our future generations a green and habitable planet.

Wardwizard Joy E-Bike is one way SET is reducing pollution levels. It also helps improve an individual’s overall fitness levels. Wardwizard Pvt. Ltd is a partner of Set4Earth, offering products that include e-cycles, air purifiers and outdoor air pollution controllers.

Additionally, SET has also partnered with Multic Technology Sp. z.o.o., a company that designs and manufactures multifunction parking and payment terminals.

  1. Advanced car park systems with terminals
  2. Electronic communication modules
  3. Telecommunication systems
  4. Industrial automation systems
  5. Access control systems
  6. Custom-made hardware and software solutions

Community members who are a part of SET can vote of various environmental projects. This will also provide incentives tokens for use in the future. The TGE started on 5th September 2018. The tokens provides discounts on rent and purchase of environmental-friendly products and services.

At present, 45 millions tokens are available out of which 6 million tokens are available as a part of pre-TGE sale. The users who participate in the TGE event will also receive 15% bonus tokens.

The current price of a single token is $0.90 USD. SET is backed by Ethereum blockchain. The platform has built-in Smart Contracts that allow users to carry out transactions securely without needing a third party. This gives users plenty of reasons to become a part of this rapidly-expanding community.



SET addresses today's environmental pollution concerns by reducing the carbon footprint by providing a means of transportation with zero emissions.

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