What is Save Environment Token (SET) and How Does it work?

Save Environment Token (SET)
Save Environment Token
3 min readJul 3, 2018


What is Save Environment Token (SET) and How Does it work?

Overusing the technologies can be harmful to us and as well as for our environment. Saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility and are we really doing that? We have taken a lot from natural environment but have we returned anything to it? No, unfortunately not. That is why we the team of SET has gathered to make the world a better place.

With the intention and purpose of saving our environment, the SET project promotes Eco-friendly products and environment savvy Technology on a Decentralised Open Source Blockchain Platform. SET is a Rewards like discount Token which can be used for supporting the sale of anti-pollution products and creating an ecosystem for environmentally sustainable Businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe. The primary goal is to develop a global platform or a marketplace where we can purchase eco-friendly products which are manufactured by our manufacturers who want to use the platform to sell their eco-friendly products to like-minded consumers.

CEO of SET Mr. Ravindran Nambiar says about the Project:

Save Environment Token (SET) is an umbrella initiative for projects which are necessarily environmental centric. We at SET building an eco-system of the way of using Blockchain Technology, the artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, internet of things (IoT) technologies and integrating them into an offering of ICO for Save Environment Token.”

The Primary Goals of SET:

  1. Reduce Global Warming.
  2. Reduce Environmental Pollution.
  3. Build Sustainable environment.
  4. To save the world for the future generation.
  5. Reduce Carbon Footprint/Emissions.

SET’s Eco-friendly Products:

  1. Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) System:
  2. Outdoor Air Pollution Controller:
  3. Solid Waste Management:
  4. Solar Renewable Projects:

Our Partners:

1. Primary Initiatives of Wardwizard Solutions Pty. Ltd

Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) System:

PBS is a form of a public transportation, where bicycles are strategically placed in a closely spaced network of stations and offered for public use. The location of the bicycles will be tracked and monitored through a control center. Joy e-bike is a cool, funky battery powered bicycle offered by Wardwizard Solutions Pty. Ltd.

2. Strategic Business Partner — Strata Enviro

Outdoor Air Pollution Controller:

We Install Outdoor Air Pollution controllers for free at public locations with a unique revenue & sustainability model as a part of this project. SET is committed to developing products that have a major influence in controlling air pollution across the world.

3. Strategic Business Partner — Green Planet Corporation

Solid Waste Management:

Here, we will be helping the government local groups like Municipal Corporations to recycle and reuse solid waste for the improvement of the Society & farmers of the nation.

4. Strategic Business Partner — Multic

Multic Technology Sp. z o.o. is a rapidly growing company of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry and manufacturer of advanced multifunction payment terminals.

Designs and manufactures:

  1. Advanced car park systems including pay stations, entry and exit terminals.
  2. Electronic communication modules.
  3. Telecommunication systems.
  4. Industrial automation systems.
  5. Access control systems.
  6. Hardware and software solutions are custom-made for needs of our clients.

5. Solar Renewable Projects:

We would offer Solar Power/Renewable Energy Consulting, Engineering and Contracting under SET space with great experience and proficiency in
solar/Renewable Energy Industry. We have been already associated as Solar Energy consultants for about 150 MW Grid-connected Solar PV projects India.

Save Environment Token is dedicated to promote the development and use of eco- friendly products and services through supporting them and providing them the much- needed visibility. The platform which is powered by ERC20 token would offer a way for green initiatives and projects for raising the required funding. SET would provide a single place for customers to explore, analyze, decide and buy the product of their choice at attractive prices.