The 7th Annual Save Texas History Symposium: The Alamo, Keystone of Texas History: Past, Present and Future will be held this year at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio on Saturday, September 17.

The Alamo: Ownership and History

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The Battle of the Alamo and the battle cry “Remember the Alamo” are recognized internationally. The name “The Alamo” has come to represent soldiers who would defend their position to the death if necessary, and the battle is part of the Texas Creation Myth, coined by the contemporary Texans in the Texas Revolution. Thus, the birth of Texas is integrally tied to the Alamo, but the identity of “Texan” is a shared and contested memory of the Alamo. Tejanos were the original Spanish missionaries; they were the mixed-race mestizos who built the community of Béxar around the Alamo, they fought in the Battle of the Alamo as Mexicans, and they are still here as Americans — citizens and veterans of all of America’s wars. The story of the Alamo is seen by Tejano historians as depicting the Tejano’s place in the present and future community of Texas.

About Dr. Andrés Tijerina

Andrés Tijerina received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, and is now Professor of History at Austin Community College. Dr. Tijerina has received state and national book prizes for his books Tejanos and Texas and his other major book Tejano Empire. His most widely read work is the publication of his Vietnam War combat memoirs as an Air Force pilot in the Time-Life Books series The Vietnam Experience. A recent recipient of the American Historical Association’s Equity Award, he is also a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association, for which he is now co-editor of the online Handbook of Tejano History. He was the founder of the first statewide Texas Hispanic Genealogy Conference in 1979, and a board member of the Tejano Monument in 2012. He is frequently called upon as a speaker in Texas History, most recently on the History Channel on national television.

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