Does a startup need a Code of Conduct? We think so.

Illustration by Nicolas Valencia

Developing a product implies being responsible to it’s users and doing what’s right when nobody is watching. Now that most of the services we use are governed by algorithms, the ethics of it’s developers matters. Rights or wrongs are written in JavaScript these days (yeah, we use NodeJs).

In a previous article I explained why we created Saveboost, now I’d like to talk about how. In other words, I’d like to discuss our principles. At Saveboost we are not only focused on building a delightful service to help people save money, but we are concerned about creating the correct culture for achieving it while having the user’s best interest in mind.

We know it’s not common to share or even have a Code of Conduct (honestly I wasn’t aware of this topic until it was brought by Michael Karliner, our technology advisor), but now we actually think every company should spend some time defining what they expect from themselves.

In Saveboost we advocate:

1. Respect and protect the user

That’s the basis of our service. We must build a great product without compromising user’s privacy and their trust they instil in us. Whatever functionality we create, it must first safeguard user’s data and then provide more value.

The user’s privacy and security come first.

2. Question everything

The world is full of broken experiences that we take for granted. We see them as opportunities to build better products.

Rewire your brain.

3. Work together

Working alone is easy. We should collaborate with people that think different from us and take advantage of diversity.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

4. Celebrate the victories

We should always transform every project into a series of small steps and achievements, track our progress and celebrate the milestones.

There’s no final destination, only a journey of continuos improvement.

5. Acknowledge your mistakes

We believe the only way to build something new is making a lot of mistakes in the process. We respect people who fail, but learn and improve everyday.

Fail faster.

6. Give all you have or don’t even try

We care intensely about Saveboost’s success and in building an astonishing service. If you are not willing to give 100% and push yourself out of your comfort zone you shouldn’t even try.

Be ambitious for yourself and for the company. Improve and challenge yourself everyday.

7. Take breaks. Rest.

We are in a marathon, not a sprint. Work smarter and understand your limits and how you can maintain your productivity and creativity as high as possible for the long-haul.

Stand up.

Our values

That’s what we expect from the people working and collaborating with Saveboost. Naturally this will evolve with time based on the team’s input, but the main idea should persist: Business is not a zero-sum game.

These are our values. Tell us about yours!