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Ethos/PIR Leadership Funded and Led a Scorched Earth Campaign Against Communities at ICANN.

Jacob Malthouse
Nov 28, 2019 · 4 min read

And Now ISOC is telling us to Trust Them with .ORG, the Web’s Biggest Nonprofit Community.

We are being told to trust Ethos and the Public Interest Registry (PIR) to carry on the legacy and commitment of ISOC to .ORG:

“the home of non-commercial entities on the Internet”

I say told, not asked, because ISOC as already done a presumptive close on the deal. We cannot examine the company’s record because there isn’t one.

The most aggressive campaign against communities that the ICANN community had ever seen.

Jon is Co-founder and was General Counsel at Donuts. Erik was on the Donut’s Board. Erik was lead for Abry Partners which now owns Donuts. That means he was likely the lead investor rep.


Musings on Saving .ORG — My (Jacob’s) views alone.

Jacob Malthouse

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I love to explore connections between technology, society and planet.


Musings on Saving .ORG — My (Jacob’s) views alone.

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