#3 savedroid’s Product Cycle Update

Oct 7 · 3 min read

#3 Product Cycle Update highlights some of our recent and most prominent accomplishments! Lately, we are concentrated on setting short-term goals and tackling challenges step by step. Setting up small milestones shortens the execution time and helps us to stay focused on moving FORWARD. Without further ado let’s get to it!

User Experience

We are fully aware that financial services can only prosper when built on the solid foundation of trust. Even though we’ve taken all the necessary steps in order to guarantee you full security — your personal data is utterly important to us — , we know that connecting a credit card and giving your personal data will always make you feel a little bit insecure. Yet, without this single step your saving journey cannot really start.
So we want to make the process as smooth and safe as possible. To find out why some of you halted the process of connecting your credit card, we organized a round of interviews simply by sending push notifications and offering participation in a survey.

Improvements to Top Up Feature

One of the most requested features in the last couple of months was a simple Top Up of your savedroid account. It basically enables you to top up your Wish balance regardless of Smoove execution. We thought, if our users would like to save faster — why not? Let’s make it super easy and self-explanatory!

However, the process itself can always benefit from improvements. Since “uncomplicated” is our second name, we’ve added an explanation screen covering the steps you need to take in order to top up your Wishes. It couldn’t get more straightforward than this.

“Inverted” Sport Smooves

How about a reward for putting less pressure on yourself? Until now, you were only able to save if the outcome of the what-if situation was positive. Since we are currently in the phase of testing possible combinations and options, we’ve decided to also have Smooves for those lazy days. We all need a break sometimes. Rewarding yourself for taking the time to recharge is actually a GOOD thing!

Hence, now you can set up an “invertedSport Smoove, e.g. “when I walk less than….”. We’ve also taken this opportunity to fix some minor issues with other Smooves. No more roadblocks on your financial journey!

Important Maintenance Work

Maintaining a good quality product requires not only frequent implementation of new features but also constant software optimization. We’ve made an extra effort to lighten the load by removing old code we didn’t need. Now your app should SMOOVE like a rocket!
We’ve also taken the opportunity to tackle important maintenance tasks, such as the migration to AndroidX and update of certificates, which ensures you won’t stop Smooving anytime soon.

As always, there’s still a lot to come! Our team constantly explores and tests new emerging technologies that potentially can be implemented in our app to optimize user experience and create a great product that is highly intuitive.

Stay tuned for more!

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