A Commitment Culture Will Win Every Time

High performing teams don’t just ‘happen’.

Developing teams of people who work well together, and who harness the differing strengths and attributes of all team members, needs capable leaders and managers who understand the process involved and are prepared to put effort into the things that make a real difference.

However, making an organization grow from a Performance Culture to a Commitment Culture requires a combination of distinctive elements that sets you apart from other organizations. It gives everyone a strong sense of purpose and meaning.

I had the most amazing event yesterday, with professor Damian Hughes presenting the key insights from his new book ‘The Barcelona Way’ — a 3-way study assessing and translating the habits of a winning performance culture into business learnings.

In a nutshell, there are 5 types of culture; the commitment culture is by far the most effective and is proven to deliver a +22% uplift in profit.

What are the key pillars of a commitment culture?


Behaviors: (NB company values are almost meaningless, and behaviors are your values in action). Stick to 3 behaviors only!

Arc of change: Embrace failure, identify key obstacles and always have a plan to navigate them.

Repeat keystone habits: What are the habits that differentiate you from your competitors? Success leaves clues to what they are.

Cultural architects: Who will be the key talent to own, role model and live by the culture. These people are the glue to the culture, not the leaders.

Authentic leadership: Energy, inspiration, intelligence, and integrity in equal measure. Always put the company first, never personal agendas.

If your team is not pulling together, your success as a leader is on the line. Inspiring leaders understand the impact of great communication and the harm of poor communication.

Authenticity, clarity, passion, vision, and involvement are some of the essentials to enhance your team’s commitment, collective potential and improve their performance.

The actions that you take every day at work are powerful beyond your wildest dreams, but have nothing less than a “ride or die” commitment. This posture is contagious and it filters throughout the organization, which then infuses purpose and passion into work.

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