Meet Aga, chief positive energy at savedroid!

As our Meet the Team serie goes on, this week, we’d like to introduce our Corporate Marketing Manager — Agnieszka. She’s a very energetic and passionate person who dreams to change the world. With her colorful personality and professionalism, she’s making every day brighter at savedroid’s office.

Hi Aga!

  • As we are such a multinational team — where are you from?
  • I come from Poland, from a very small city called Bielsko-Biała. It’s located in the mountains, in the south. Fun fact — in the past for some time it was incorporated into the Habsburg Monarchy, therefore, some buildings have engravings in German language, at the central station for example it’s written in concrete “ Bielitz-Biala Hauptbahnhof“.
  • What is your actual name?
  • Haha, right— it’s Agnieszka but friends and colleagues call me Aga.
  • What are you studying?
  • I’m studying Linguistics with focus on the English and German language.
  • What is the most challenging part of your work at savedroid?
  • I think the most challenging part is that everyday something unexpected can happen but basically that’s the reality. In life you can’t always be prepared for everything. Especially in a startup environment, you need to stay focused, react very fast, be proactive, and look for optimal solutions. Plus, it’s also important that you’re neat when it comes to managing resources.
  • Most important working experience for you?
  • Other than savedroid *laughs*? Hmmm, my most memorable experience is probably working as a waitress in Scotland. I was only 16 and basically alone in a foreign country. I had to communicate in a language that is not necessarily English, as Scottish is very different, so at the beginning I wasn’t able to understand most of what people were saying. That was also the first time I got some real money, so I had to learn how to manage expenses in everyday life at a very young age, including paying a rent and budgeting money for groceries. Although now, it might seem like it was not a huge challenge, for a 16-year-old kid, it was quite an intense experience.
  • What kind of productivity hacks do you have?
  • Definitely, I’m the most productive either very early in the morning or in the evening. To be honest, I perform the worst after eating *laughs*. I also don’t like to do the same stuff all the time, so I try to jump between different tasks if I have many ongoing projects. Switching between them keeps my day exciting and this way I avoid monotony. I’m very expressive and I always try to make people laugh. Positive emotions should always be shared with all team members!
  • macOS or Windows, and why?
  • macOS — it has some features that make my life at work easier, like: super quick swiping between windows or pre-installed applications that you normally need to pay for if you use other systems.
  • Crypto or gold?
  • This is a hard question. In my case, I’d say crypto, however, we should always evaluate all the pros and cons of each asset class, and understand what we need it for. For example, gold clearly has different features and the value of it is very stable. It is though hardly divisible, while cryptocurrencies are not. However, its’ high volatility makes people unsure about it’s usability.
  • When you are not looking into the crypto and blockchain markets, where can we find you in your free time?
  • I have no free time *laughs*. But whenever I have, I’d spend it on sport activities — I run and play basketball, but only when the weather is good! I also spend a lot of time with family/friends. People for me are a source of inspiration and creativity. At the moment, I’m very busy with work at savedroid and studies.
  • Are you using our app? If so, what is your current wish?
  • Yes. I’m saving right now for new AirPods. I’m waiting until the current headphones get broken. After that, I’m hoping that I will have enough money to purchase the new ones because they’re pretty expensive! Thankfully, I’m not that far away from my wish anymore.
  • Please share a saving tip that you use in your daily life that you think can help others.
  • Don’t go around with your credit card because sometimes you will get lost in what’s going on! Just withdraw some cash. We’re in Germany and there are actually many places that don’t accept credit cards.
  • If you weren’t working in Marketing, what other professions would you choose?
  • I’ve always wanted to be an actress, but I’m scared of public speaking as hell. I think, I’d be better comedian though, especially after some shots of vodka *laughs*.
  • What would be a perfect view out of your office window?
  • Mountains. I really like nature, so it would be a perfect spot. But probably no Wi-Fi connection *laughs*.
  • What is the most important in life and why?
  • For me, it’s a feeling of being fulfilled and happy. From the professional point of view, I want my work to bring value. It’s important for me to feel that I’m part of a bigger picture and it all has a positive impact on people and the world around me. I always try to challenge myself to be better and to achieve more, although there’s a lot of stress that comes along with it. In the end, I’m thankful for every experience and proud to say, I’m doing things which seemed impossible for me in the past.
  • Many thanks for the interview!
  • No worries, I was really stressed before but I hope it turned out not that bad. ;)

Your savedroid Team, cheers!