Meet Alexander, our iOS Rockstar

Oct 31 · 4 min read

Welcome to the Halloween edition of “Meet the Team”. Alexander (Alex), our iOS developer, likes stories about psychos and admits having several masks depending on the environment. What a great fit for this special interview!

Alex started working with mobile phones when iOS 3 was released and worked on numerous apps to hone his skills over the years. He also has a very interesting taste in music.

Hi Alex!

  • Thank you for taking part in this interview. You are the victim of our Halloween special edition. So, please introduce yourself to our followers.
  • Sure. My name is Alexander and I’m working here as an iOS Developer. I’m responsible for all iOS applications that our customers are using. As you might know we have our crypto app and the very first app built at savedroid, that we call fiat app (only available in Germany).
  • You’re a quite reserved person in the office, Alex. However, a couple days ago, after work, some of us went to a bar and you kind of showed us a different Alex from what we knew in the office. So… can you elaborate on who the real Alex is?
  • Emm… I don’t know either, you should try different ways to know Alex better. At work there’s one Alex, with family there is another and with friends there could be a completely different person. But mainly I’m not a guy who’s going to a lot of parties and spends time for entertainment. Let’s say I’m a calm person.
  • Then who’s the office Alex?
  • It’s a serious guy, who’s working very professionally, he knows his area *laughs*.
  • You are not from Germany, are you?
  • I’m not from Germany. I come from Belarus and I moved to Germany in 2014, so 5 years ago. Originally, I moved to another city, not to Frankfurt — it was Oberhausen — and then after a couple of years me and my wife moved to Frankfurt.
  • Your first experience in Germany was in a tech company, or…?
  • Yes, it was in a tech company. It was also a software development company and we developed many different apps for different customers across Germany, Austria and many others.
  • Cool. And now you are at savedroid. For some of time you were our only iOS developer. How did you cope with this?
  • Actually, I wouldn’t forget about Patrick because he is one of the most valuable developers at savedroid. He implemented the fiat app and also started the crypto app for Android. But then me and Patrick together implemented the crypto app for iOS.
  • Then Patrick went for his parental-leave and I was the only iOS developer, that’s true. But it wasn’t unexpected to us. We managed, we passed that phase quite good. Because we had deliveries, we adjusted them a little bit — e.g. Android delivered more than iOS. From that perspective, I think the teamwork was very good and we could organize everything to not miss important deadlines.
  • During the time you were the only iOS developer, how did you managed to do everything? Do you have any time management tips to share with us?
  • Good question. Yeah, there are many good hints in the Internet how to become a guru of time management. Even in our team we are sharing good practices between each other. But my main rule is just to have a clear mind, try to organize everything logically, follow priorities and go 1 by 1 to the main goal… nothing special.
  • You are at savedroid for quite some time already. Do you have any funny stories connected with savedroid?
  • Funny stories?… At savedroid? Yeah well, there might be a funny story when we were sitting in the garage. That period was full of fun, actually. We had quite a big door — it was not even a door… a gate — and our office was all the time open. So, we could see very strange people walking around. And on some Thursdays, maybe even every Thursday, there was a group of hippies who came to the neighboring office, also a garage. In the evening at 4 o’clock they started to cry and jump. Maybe they were calling the devil or so *laughs*.
  • The area, Ost Stern, was a cultural location, there was a lot of very nice and beautiful graffiti on the walls. It’s a pity that this area is now destroyed. There were many unique events and people were really very strange.
  • Aren’t we all?! I think everyone has their own odd traits *laughs*. Anyway, what would you do if you weren’t an iOS developer?
  • I would study psychological subjects.
  • Why psychology?
  • I like it. Plus, my sister is a psychotherapist. And she told me once a very unusual story…
  • About psychos?
  • Yes. And now I like to discover and read such stories.
  • OK, fair enough. Last question. What would be the first thing you’d buy if you had saved 1 million Euro with the savedroid app?
  • I wouldn’t buy anything special, most likely I would go to a grocery shop and buy stuff that I buy every week.
  • Good, thank you for answering these questions.


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