Meet Danko Nikolić, our AI Evangelist!

As CDO and Head of AI here at savedroid, Prof. Dr. Danko has an extensive academic background with experience in the study of brain and mind activities! He’s passionate about Artificial Intelligence and has taken on the challenge of bringing this to life within savedroid. We’d like to share with you some stories about his professional journey and how he thinks AI is the missing piece to the growing crypto industry. Enjoy!

  • Please describe how you came across savedroid.
  • One day I got a message from a guy named Tobi. He invited me to join the AI meetup. He seemed a little bit nerdy but I thought — why not, AI is AI. At the next meetup I was invited as a speaker again and then it kind of became a regular thing. I got to know Tobi better and what they were doing, at that time it was still “Spar dich glücklich” app. My first impression was that there wasn’t a market for what they were planning, but then over the time I saw how many downloads the app had and it made me realize — well I probably underestimated the need of young people for a helping hand while saving. I started to observe closely savedroid’s progress and right after ICO Tobi approached me again asking if I’d be interested in the CDO position. I’m the kind of person who is always looking for new challenges and what savedroid planned to do regarding AI was really, really hard. I guess that attracted me and made me join the team in the first place.
  • What is now the most challenging part of your work?
  • Basically the mission is accomplished because the AI is running and working properly. Hence, right now we’re trying to define a new role for my Data Science team. There are a lot of directions in which we could go but we need to take into consideration that we don’t have the resources necessary to do them all. Therefore, we need to decide what is most important. It seems to me right now that contribution of the Data Science team to the user acquisition process would be the most beneficial for savedroid.
  • How does the day of a Data Scientist look like?
  • There is no fixed or regular day. As a Data Scientist you get to do a lot of coding. As CDO unfortunately not that much. I like coding and I find it very relaxing. I’m always “jealous” when my colleagues from Data Science team get to do some coding and I need to do some boring stuff like writing reports or organizing the work of the whole team. As a CDO you have to do two different things: be a manager and solve conceptual problems.
  • Does this mean your work overlaps with developers?
  • Actually to analyze the data you need to know how to code. You have a new idea, so the new question has to be asked. To answer this question you need to create a piece of code. You come up with an algorithm, first on the blackboard in a form of equation and then it has to be coded.
  • Do you agree with the statement — AI will change the world?
  • Yes. After all, AI is just a form of technology and technology has so far changed the world quite a bit. Technology that we’ve developed until now is not intelligence itself but contains some sort of intelligent design that was done by human. So, basically it was human intelligence that created the technology that we see around us. It has already immensely affected our lives; there’s no doubt about it. Constantly developing the technology means that machines will overtake many more tasks and simplify our work. Firstly, we passed to machines hard physical labour and now we will slowly be replaced by them in repetitive and boring tasks. The jobs of the future will be even more creative and exciting.
  • How can AI be implemented in the crypto world? Do you see a place for AI in crypto?
  • Crypto is basically the way of exchanging value. It’s just a tool. The process of value exchange involves humans but also certain mechanisms that are inevitable to ensure that the whole system functions in a reliable and enduring way. There are a lot of jobs that humans do nowadays to ensure the stability of the processes, starting from a bank consultant to audit and decision making managers. Maybe some of those things can be supported or assisted by AI to ensure better decisions, or maybe someday humans can even be fully replaced by machines. So, AI will probably have various contributions to those processes of exchanging values and, what’s also important, keeping records of those.
  • What do you think is the most interesting about cryptocurrencies?
  • I am curious to see how the world will be changed by the blockchain technology. So far, we’ve always had this centralized database. There was always someone in charge. There are probably many ways in which this whole system can affect our society and we cannot predict them right now. There are many ideas on how to use blockchain, some of them will work, some won’t. New ideas will come. The society will change for sure, but how — nobody knows for sure. It will be very interesting to watch. Money is one important part of the story. We have larger and larger amounts of decentralized money. This removes a lot of power from the governments and central banks.
  • Is it good or bad, what do you think?
  • You cannot ever decide whether something like this is good or bad. There are some advantages and disadvantages. Here is one example of what can be bad about decentralized currency: Historically speaking, if the governments wisely control the supply of money, this can have a facilitating effect on the economy. If you don’t have such a control, you may lose the ability to affect the economy in positive ways.
  • Don’t you think that if we move from centralized to decentralized system, this would open doors for cyber crime?
  • It did already. The question is whether it will grow to the amount that would prevent us from further progress. Every new innovation is associated with attempts to abuse it. Whenever you build a system, it takes time to build it in a robust way, to fix the loopholes. People always will try to unfairly take advantage of things. It’s in our nature. I believe, if there’s a will, there will be a way to overcome those difficulties. And one more remark regarding fiat money, it is centrally issued but once it lands in our pocket, nobody controls its flow anymore.
  • If suddenly 1000 BTC would appear in your wallet, what would you do with it?
  • I’ll probably keep them because I have a feeling that the value of Bitcoin will grow.
  • Why do you think so, are you hinting us something?
  • It’s an educated guess. Part of my job is to understand how the crypto market works and everything now tells me that it will grow, with high volatility of course, but it will grow. Definitely, I would not exchange it into fiat money instantly.
  • Thank you very much Danko!
  • Thank you, and don’t forget to follow my channels!

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