savedroid. Made in Germany.

Who we are. What we do. What we stand for.

Today we are internationally celebrating Labor Day. It’s the perfect occasion to give you guys a short insight into what savedroid is and does nowadays. The technological advancement speeds up and so do we, so fasten your seat-belt and enjoy the ride!

Who We Are.

savedroid is an award-wining* start-up based in Germany and specializing in fintech.

The company was found in Q4 2015 by Yassin Hankir (CEO), Tobias Zander (CTO), and Marco Trautmann, as a part of Unibator-Startup-Programm set up by Goethe University in Frankfurt, the financial center of the Eurozone. Since then, we have built a proven track record of our capabilities to simplify traditional saving processes and drive mass market adoption of crypto currencies.

savedroid means team work.

Our team consists of people with various backgrounds who are united by 2 elements — passion for technology and drive to continuously leave their comfort zones. We employ and empower the best talents. We value their expertise and their diversity because it enriches and builds up our team. At savedroid we believe that flexibility is the foundation for productivity, therefore a 9 to 5 job seems very much like an outdated working model. We are proud to say that we strive towards the most convenient working environment in order to enable our team members to reach their full potential.

*fintech Startup of the Year 2017.

What We Do.

We help you to make your wishes come true.

savedroid creates a unique Artificial Intelligence fueled ecosystem of saving and investing for masses. Our self-learning algorithm analyses and optimizes users’ personal portfolios to fulfill their wishes and maximize their lifestyle. We successfully launched 2 mobile apps that are designed to hold user’s assets in an easy and safe way.

The “Spar dich glücklich” App helps you achieve your financial goals faster in Euro.

The Crypto App eliminates technological adoption barriers, combining two worlds — fiat and crypto.

  • We eliminate today’s complex and inconvenient financial processes.
  • We give you the opportunity to participate in the huge technological revolution.
  • We are the connection between your finance and your individual lifestyle.
  • We are here to help you fulfill your wishes — no matter the currency.

What We Stand For.

We seek to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. We want to help our community to better manage their financial transactions by utilizing high quality software and self-learning algorithm.

We strive to redefine and reinvent the financial world.

Saving, investing and simply holding your assets does not have to be painful and repulsive. Waren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Your savedroid Team